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  1. I have this http://www.autoanything.com/performance-chips/truxp-xtune-plus-performance-tuner It lets you disable it, also you can change tire size if you went larger, can change shift points, rev limits and so on. Reads and deletes codes. Also comes with few tunes, im trying the 87 tune now and can feel the shifting difference and it feels like its little more peppier from start.
  2. Who makes it, where is it from? you have a link you can share?
  3. Here is another added reverse light option. https://www.rigidindustries.com/led-lighting/20641 These will get mounted inside the rear bumper steps at an angle. Few people have done it already, there is a post about it on this forum.
  4. Anyone know if the rear axle section after the muffler on cat back systems can be bought vs the whole thing? Doesn't matter what brand. I want to keep my stock muffler and flap on but wouldn't mind adding the pipe after the flap to remove resonator and get a dual tip. I looked around but haven't found a place.
  5. I have a Range right now and i like the full on V8 mode, i also have 33" tires and my speedometer is off by 2mph and i wanted a tune AND i was able to order one for $251 shipped. Thanks for the video, hopefully i wont be disappointed.
  6. I just changed mine last night since we got 60 degree weather after 3 weeks of teens, and tonight we will get almost 2 ft of snow in north east lol I went to Walmart and got Valvoline maxlife full synthetic 0w-20 and Mobil 1 extended performance filter. Previous oil was Mobil 1 advance gas mileage. I have a Fumoto valve so draining it was super easy and mess free. Put in 8q and called it done.
  7. I have the Morimoto HID kit from the retrofit source and they are awesome. I tried somewhat decent LED bulbs before and they didnt impress me. Also, if you get snow where you are, the heat from the HID will keep your headlight housing clear of snow and ice (to a degree)
  8. İ have the smaller 2 port E2 Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  9. Oh i did not know that, i will check it out. Got mine while ago so haven't checked back. Edit: Actually i wasnt able to locate the larger base on the website, can you link it here please?
  10. Mine works great, i wish the canister was taller, or maybe an optional taller canister? I checked mine after about 1000 miles and it was almost full. Need to check it more often looks like.
  11. http://metraonline.com/part/70-2057 https://www.amazon.com/Metra-70-2057-2014-Bypass-Harness/dp/B012PRQPPY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1515680024&sr=8-1&keywords=Metra+71-2107 http://metraonline.com/part/71-2107
  12. I did just what you are thinking of doing. Got Memphis Audio 6x9 and 6.5 for the rears, used Dynomat on the exposed parts around the speakers and just did plug and play. The sound is a lot better, it hits better but the stock head unit isnt strong enough, so i found out to really make the speakers shine. So replace them and get an Alpine power pack (used ebay around $60 bucks) like mentioned above and you will love it. I will be doing the Apline amp install as the next step. You can do the speakers now and then later do the amp since the amp will go behind the stereo or behind the glove box. I would recommend Crutchfield since they include everything you need.
  13. i use FuelBuddy, it also shows as graphs.
  14. Yes would love to know what plug to use vs splicing the wires Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk

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