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  1. I replaced the stock speakers with memphis audio and it sounds nicer BUT, regardless of what speaker you install you will need an amp to get them to shine. I have the 8" non Bose system and even with mine i can tell the speakers aren't getting enough power so im going with the alpine 4x45 booster amp. With that they should shine as they were meant to be. There are few posts on this method here somewhere.
  2. Can you put the stock tune back on? Do that and see if you go back up. Then you know its the tune thats causing it for sure.
  3. Or just drive it!! You arent going back to 17s so no use now. I get about 14 mpg on my leveled, bigger tires, V8 only 5.3
  4. 275/60/20 they are 32.99" tire so 33s You can go wider to 285s i believe. My fender liner rubs on right side but it can be zip tied back or trimmed. I just havent done it.
  5. Don't go by the 25 mile trip counter, there are soooo many variables that can come into play in those 25 miles. Best way to get true mpg is the manual way. Fill up, zero trip A, drive as you do till almost empty, fill up again and divide the miles driven shown in trip A by the gallons you just put in. That is your TRUE mpg, everything else is just guessing and estimates.
  6. I dont get what youre trying to say? I know its a truck, i dont or never expected cadillac ride quality from a truck like some folks have in here. I just know it rides better with some weight and just asking if anyone tried keeping weight back there.
  7. Let the consumer design i say... Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  8. 2014 Sierra SLT, Bilstein level with 5100s all around, 33" tires. I was carrying some flooring and couple cabinets yesterday and again i noticed how nice the ride was with some weight in the back. My ride is already better with 5100s but it rides better with weight. Has anyone tried carrying 2 sandbags, maybe 200lb total for an extended period of time, wondering about gas mileage. Imagining it cant hurt it that bad. Whats your experience?
  9. Bigger Tires Lower MPG

    Then there is the miles traveled part, your speedo will be off and calculated miles and mpg will also be off on the dash. Just drive it and enjoy, at most 2-3 mpg is what you are loosing.
  10. Yup, this above methid is universal for all vehicles and best way to align them. From there you can fine tune by adjusting up tiny bit at a time to get little more light down the road but pull back when you start getting flashed.
  11. Related post.. How hard is it to replace the front diff fluid in the garage and what oil should be put in? im at 104k miles and i dont know if it was ever changed. Bought truck at 82k and got rear diff, TC and trans fluids changed at dealer. Didnt want to pay another $150 for the front one at the time, thinking i could do it myself.
  12. If wax was required, GM would have applied it for you from the factory... Just kidding
  13. Looks like bolt head that is big enought to fit in the rail and a wing nut and those are just J jooks for hanging thigs in the garage. Will work, just need to secure the rods so they dont fall out.
  14. GMC Truck Parade in UAE Sets A Record

    In other parts of the World American made cars are more popular, because its different and to them its "exotic" Crazy Mercedes and BMWs are dime a dozen in europe but when you see a Denali GMC sierra people are like Woahhhh!!

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