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  1. Quick question.. 2014 sierra crew cab I got 275/60/20 Discoverer AT/3 and doing the Billstein level on top notch. Can i get the tires mounted first before the shock install? Just wondering if it will rub hard untill i can get the shocks installed the next day or so.
  2. Anyone else see 4 of the same picture or its just me? I been noticing this on other posts after the new update to the site. Perhaps a mod should be notified? Looks good btw
  3. Falken wildpeaks tires

    There are reviews online on most tire sites. I know this because i just read them yesterday. Look at sears for some great tire deals now, also discount tire direct on ebay has 100 off 400. Im getting the cooper discoverer AT/3, they are on sale and all 5 star rating based on 250+ reviews.
  4. Im in this quest now and from my reading on this forum i found that 275/60/20 is a good size, this is what im going with. Also can use 295/55/20 and 305/50/20 with noorr minimal rubbing on full lock. Heads up fro anyone: Sears has the Cooper AT/3 on sale now for $159 a piece, down from $248 and there is a $70 visa mail in rebate on top pf that plus a 20 off 150 coupon when you clip it. Great deal on this tire. http://www.sears.com/cooper-discoverer-at3-275-60r20-115t-owl-all-season/p-09537556000P
  5. Go to this link and put in the stock tire size and your current tire size and look at the comparison. One of the points is MPH difference http://www.1010tires.com/Tools/Tire-Size-Calculator
  6. I have similar design and size on my bmw x5 fogs and they are bright AF!! I also drive it with the fogs on when its evening and even in pitch dark they do pretty good job of showing the way. Now, unlike the truck fog housing the x5 has diverter/cover for the bulb that directs the light down and to the sides. I can see well into the trees at night with them on. On the trucks housing they will blind the crap put of people so i say dont do it. See how the x5 fog has the piece by the bulb in this.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Genuine-BMW-E70-X5-Front-Passenger-Right-Fog-Light-w-adaptive-headlights-/291913071067?epid=1711215004&hash=item43f75ff9db:g:79UAAOSwTA9X7xzv&vxp=mtr
  7. I remember riding in the back of the truck when i was about 12, had a cap on it. Laying on bunch of blankets listening to music and playing... allll the way to Florida from New York. Talk about not safe lol
  8. Yeah i like mine too. It saves me some fuel and since i dont have the need to smash the gas pedal all the time, it works for me.
  9. At least pay someone to do it, i used to spend all day on my car, now i just pay a dude lol
  10. AFM Disabler, it plugs in to the OBD port. Or custom tune OR Use M5 every time, its deactivated in M5
  11. Both of those and your current location makes this an overall bad transaction. You should come back, then look around for one locally that you can check out personally, see if it has the shakes and so on and then purchase it. You will be fine sharing a car for a week or less, heck rent something till then. Dont come home to a possible POS sitting in your driveway that you have to spend more time and money to make it right. I got a 2014 SLT with 88k highway miles (traveling salesman) for $26k locally, you can find deals.
  12. Black electrical tape over the light = problem solved
  13. Just ordered my 5100 rears. Finally getting rid of the Ranchos after 98k miles! Will do fronts soon after.
  14. Let us know if you feel a difference after and if fuel economy/performance improves. I took mine in at 96k miles and really didnt see any benefits after. I know the previous owner hasnt gotten it done prior to me buying it. Ask if they can somehow take before and after pictures?
  15. Brand new less than 500 mile ranchos are garbage compared to 5100s? I mean i dont know, i dont have 5100s but cant be that big of a difference. My ranchos with 97k miles ARE garbage so i will replace them soon, thats for sure.

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