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  1. Plastic Fastener Replaced

    Watch out is doesn't rust. Had no idea GM used plastic there.
  2. The Biggest MultiPro Tailgate Questions Answered

    I love how simple and effective my step bumper is. Why complicate things with this useless and complicated feature
  3. Also, wtf these big boys come with painted frames? C'mon GM start building the 1/2, 3/4 and 1ton with painted frames
  4. So they're using the same engine that comes on the 3/4 and 1 ton trucks?
  5. I didn't know WT trim came in a four door. Have a feeling that they will do away with the regular cabs at some point down the road. any way, if I were you I'd buy plasti dip spray paint. I've got the 17" aluminum wheels and im going to plasti dip them until I find an aftermarket wheel I like.
  6. I just leave a headlamp in the door of my truck. I also have a flashlight on me at all times.
  7. My dealer told me it was a no go. That there was no wiring behind the bumper for fog lights and they weren't interested in installing for me
  8. Wet driver floor board is the shark fin leaking. Back window leaking is the third brake light or body seam. water eventually will work it's way down to the lowest point in the cab (inner rocker panels) then sit and rot the truck from the inside out. by the time it's rotted away they want you to sell it to the next guy and buy a new one. No single manufacturer is guilty, every forum discusses these issues.
  9. All you need is new upper control arms designed for a 4" level. This will stop the harsh ride and also put the upper ball joint at the correct angle. Make sure your shocks have extender brackets installed as well otherwise you'll destroy them quickly. post more pictures of your truck. We love leveled trucks
  10. Check the frame as the 14's and 15's had issues with the wax coating falling off in sheets and exposing bare steel. your 10 year old truck is already rusting? I'm assuming above the wheel wells?
  11. I hate to say it but I gave up on my rail dust issue as well. My truck is white. I don't see or notice unless I'm washing the truck. I think this effects any vehicle that traveled by rail but is easily seen on light colored vehicles. Now I understand why the wrap the entire body of luxury vehicles being transported
  12. All-New Ford Ranger Debuts: Specs, Images, Video Here

    This is why I love the tow mirrors on my HD. Due to my tool box and size of the truck in general, turning my head doesn't help me see my blind spots. My tow mirrors don't let me miss a thing!
  13. I come from a manual trans. I love the column shifter but would have went with a manual if offered. the console shift is a waste of good storage space
  14. I've been touching up my frame rust with permatex rust converter spray followed by black frame spray paint and finally the Daubert product. Results are ok. My 1 year old truck needs more rust maintenance than my 10 year old wrangler
  15. No, we sat down and built the truck I wanted. The closes one they had on the lot had literally everything I wanted except fogs and rear wheel liners. He installed the liners and gave me a bed mat. Fogs were a no go due to no wiring being present. i got the exact truck I wanted minus fogs. I was terrified that since I wanted a reg cab I would either need to get a w/t or build to order. Was relieved that they had my dream truck on the lot. Sorry my poor sentence structure above was confusing.

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