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  1. Towing that much weight that many times a year, Duramax hands down.
  2. I think some of you may be misconstruing what i'm asking. I am by no means implying that my truck is some highly sought after unicorn. I was merely asking if a 6.2 Denali without a sunroof was an uncommon combination. Because i have yet to come across one in my region. Or on this forum for that matter. So until then, i am going with an "uncommon combination."
  3. Interesting. Thanks for the feedback!
  4. Im thinking it's pretty rare. 2017 Denali without a sunroof. It has pretty much everything the Ultimate does minus the power steps and sunroof. Has 22" wheels and 6.2. I was surprised when i bought it because i had assumed a sunroof was standard on Denali? I got a killer deal on the truck, so im wondering if it was a custom order without the sunroof and something fell through with the buyer.
  5. Any gain aerodynamics will be offset by the added weight. OP, why would you choose any color other than color-matched?
  6. As stated, wayyyyyy too many variables. Expect 15-17 in town, and 20-23 on the highway.
  7. Payment shoppers are stealership's wet dream.
  8. ^this. 19.95 to rent a 5x8 uhaul trailer if you dont want to pay the delivery charge.
  9. This is so true. On all of the car forums i frequent, i cannot even begin to count the number of guys who trade in a problematic vehicle on the same model one year newer lol
  10. So you went down in trim level and from a long bed to a short bed?
  11. Nice color! Nice change of pace from all the white and black denali's.
  12. GM calling them "auto-folding" is a misnomer. I was confused at first too, trying to figure out how they "auto-fold." Whether it's when you shut the ignition off or shift to park or what. Turns out you have to cycle the "auto" mirrors either with the button on the drivers door or with the key fob.

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