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  1. Hey guys, not sure if this has been covered before (searched but didn't find much on my specific question), but has anyone north of the border had any luck selling the aluminum spare from a higher end model? I just got an 2018 LTZ Z71 and it, by default comes with an aluminum spare (though I can't really understand why.....maybe someone here knows that too??). I was thinking that if I pulled it off, replaced with a standard steel rim and a used tire (that will pass safety and holds air properly), I could likely make some money on the deal.... the only thing I've noticed is that the aluminum is of a design that isn't anything you see on GM brochures for stock rims and I didn't know how "sellable" this rim might be (specifically in Canada, as I can't justify taking it across the border for the little I would make on it). Thoughts?
  2. I have this all the time.... I had taken it in to my dealer and there was a software update for the trans, which they applied - it seems to help a 'bit' at first (definitely not a complete fix), but after a bit of time (oh say a few weeks), I couldn't really tell any update had been done. My "fix" would seem likely a bit extreme by most here, but I've just traded for a 2018 LTZ Z71 (that has the 8-speed by default) and with a test drive, I found a HUGE improvement in the trans response on that 8-speed. I know the 8-speeds of 2014 through 2016 or so had plenty of problems, but the 2018 LTZ Z71 I drove was surprisingly perfect.
  3. +1 for subthump - building your own is great, if you have the proper time/resources/skills - if you don't, subthump is the way to go.
  4. Following - my use case is slightly different, but I'm looking for the same ability. Would love it if it could be something with a switch, but my fear is it could be a BCM software mod....

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