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  1. 2017 High Country Wheels & Tires FS

    Damn, where were you a couple months ago?? Great deal on these hard to find wheels!
  2. Old thread, sorry to bring it up. Need to change my wipers and bought Rain X Beams and realized I need an adapter which did not come with it. I wanna give the Bosch a try, are they direct fit? No adapters needed?
  3. Looking forward to see an LTZ or higher variant. I love my High Country!
  4. I get my stuff shipped to Miami, so technically I pay double shipping to get my stuff home.
  5. Shipping is out of the question?
  6. 2015 OE Foglights

    Not to go off topic, Did you try your stock housing with HID's? If so how do you like the Morimoto's over them? I have Morimotos too but waiting on my TRS HID's to tap out if they ever do to replace them.
  7. Drats. Will get it on the scanner. Thanks all!
  8. I don’t have any aftermarket stuff. All OE, I was under the truck looking for exhaust leaks. Would this be considered a leak?
  9. Thank you! I research those codes before but I was thinking it was bad gas as one of them stated that. Ive tried clearing this code but it comes back as pending sometimes and other times its just the code.
  10. Assuming by your response that I would have square? Not looking to replace my coils, trying to get the right plug wires. I understand some run shorter than the other. Square vs Round.
  11. You know, I asked myself the same question after I posted. I got the truck from the first owner and I didn't get any history of maintenance done. The only thing I saw was the sticker on the windshield which was done back in Nov 2016. I suddenly have minor hesitation and I know for certain, most of this is contributed to the piss poor fuel my country has. I am using premium fuel. They don't classify them here like they do in the US with 91,93 etc. So I really don't know what I'm getting.I was just giving it a shot. Also getting P2099/P2097.
  12. Hi Guys, I'm about to replace my spark plugs and wires. Keeping it OEM of course. I really don't wanna screw up the ordering as no auto store in my country has the wires. I already got the plugs but will order the wires and 758EE is what I've read is the correct wires. How do I know what coils I have? 2015 Silverado HC, 5.3 (non flex)
  13. JL Audio stealth box

    What do these thing weigh? I want one bad as well. I’m too far out!
  14. Parts for sale CHEAP

    Any update on the steps?
  15. Parts for sale CHEAP

    If shipping is reasonable for an item of that size, ill take them. Let me know as soon as you can please.

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