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  1. JL Audio stealth box

    What do these thing weigh? I want one bad as well. I’m too far out!
  2. Parts for sale CHEAP

    Any update on the steps?
  3. Parts for sale CHEAP

    If shipping is reasonable for an item of that size, ill take them. Let me know as soon as you can please.
  4. Parts for sale CHEAP

    Can you get back to me on shipping? If I take both?
  5. Parts for sale CHEAP

    Do the toes come with them? Lol, j/k. Would you sell just one? Driver side? How much is shipping to 33195? Let me know please. Also are those side steps for a crew cab? thanks
  6. Parts for sale CHEAP

    Picture of the chrome side steps please.
  7. Thanks will have him try that. What does the flashing lights do?
  8. Hello, I've read a lot of threads on different GM vehicles from Cruze to Silverados. One of my buddies have a 2015 2500HD Silverado with the 8" MyLink infotainment system. He reported about a month ago his system just went to a black screen, he could hear his music fine, press different areas of the screen and it would accept input (still black screen) From a bunch of reading, I had him check the ground between the windshield and A-pillar and it seemed find with no pinch of insulation. He eventually bought a new touchscreen but it did the same thing. Which leads me to believe nothing was wrong w the other screen either. If I had to guess it would be the HMI module? We have no dealerships here in Central America. What was the "fix" for this? We also tried pulling the fuse and it does nothing. We also disconnected the Touch screen from the module and it worked for maybe an hour and it went back black. Any help is appreciated. I really hope this does not happen to my High Country. Thanks, Keagan
  9. New Morimoto xc led fogs (Silverado)

    Josh, I guess they are yours since you replied first. The same thing happen with the other set of XB's. Oh well, i'll order a set and be done with.
  10. New Morimoto xc led fogs (Silverado)

    Are these a go or no? Sent an email 28th.
  11. New Morimoto xc led fogs (Silverado)

    I'll take them.
  12. Would you do 150 shipped for the chromies?
  13. I got it sorted out, thanks, they were in correct, I just needed to adjust my up and down alignment.

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