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  1. I bought a set off of crutchfield for about $17 IIRC.
  2. Do a search on Crutchfields site and you can find the proper wiring diagram.
  3. I just did this today. Take everything apart until you're in the guts. Once inside you'll find a small spring in one of the corners. Remove it and reassemble. Now you'll have four positions on the knob instead of three.
  4. Yes. Gives it four positions.Fairly simple mod, took me about 15 minutes.
  5. Removed the spring from the light switch. No more auto on.
  6. I'm on the road and away from my truck or I'd make a quick video. They're still very secure when latched. Takes all of a few seconds to fold bottoms up and seat backs down.
  7. When the seat bottom is folded up it gives the hooks on the back (after trimming) enough clearance from the retainers to be folded down. I cut 2 1/2" off from mine.
  8. On mine there was another grommet within the bigger grommet. Once i removed it from the inside i had no problems getting O gauge wire thru. Unbolting the black box will give you just a little more room to get in there.
  9. I always run new wire....it's just how I do things. I do not know but if I had to guess I would say 18-20 gauge.
  10. If you pull back the rubber boot you will see that there is a plastic molex in there. At the bottom of it is a gap that is big enough to run wire thru. I used 14 gauge and had plenty of room. Remove the speaker from the door and then run a coat hangar from inside the door, thru the boot and into the cabin. Tape the new wire to it and pull it into the door. Have some patience and take your time.
  11. I'm not into numbers. I'm into sound quality. That being said it is still loud as f!!k.. I'm on the road working so can't get any pics of the box. Not much to really see anyways.
  12. Haven't felt the need too. 1350 watts on tap!!. My first DSP so spending my time learning that. O gauge wire ran to the distro and 4 gauge from there. JL stealthbox under the seat. Silver flute mids in the door. Scan speak tweets in the dash.
  13. Good tip! I use this spot for my amps.

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