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  1. If you only go by what you read on forums, you may never buy another vehicle. People come to forums to get help with problems. Most people who own any particular vehicle will never visit a forum. Take what you read with a grain of salt and use the info you find to help you check out the truck. Don't expect every thing you read to show up on every truck. Fact is, most are fine. Although, I would bet few are perfect. It's up to you to check out the particular truck and see if whatever ails it is something you can fix or live with.
  2. It's almost impossible to just buy the eaxect right amount of fluid. You will always have some left over. Make sure you get it full to spec.
  3. I think for me, it comes down to either the bakflip mx4, or the undercover ultra flex. They are the only 2 I can find that offer the flush fit and you can close the tailgate with the cover already closed. The bakflip is shorter when fully folded over the back window allowing the third brake light and the cargo light to work. But I think I like the way the undercover attaches to the rails. The bolts fit in a slot under the fixed panel rather than being a through bolt. Both are all aluminum and similarly priced, so there isn't much difference there. I can't decide. Anyone have any experience with either of these?
  4. As long as you get the options you want, does it really matter what they call it?
  5. How well do the soft roll up covers do when it cold? Do they get stuff and hard to work with? Do they crack if frozen? Does the Velcro work if it gets snow and ice on it? I'm going to be in the market for a cover soon and I'm not sure what kind I want.
  6. That's funny. Mine came off a lease in Michigan. Expand your search a lot! Trucks are pricey here in Colorado, but the truck you describe would be 35 ish here. A high country or Denali might push 40. I looked at one that was close to what I got that was priced at 35k, but there were some small things I didn't like and I thought the price was too high. 38 is way too much.
  7. A new wheel is about $250. I would think a tiny dab of glue would work since it's so close the stitching. I doubt they would replace your wheel for that, but you won't know for sure unless you ask.
  8. I see. I bought my 15 on January 2 this year. Had 28,500 miles on it. I paid about 18k less than new. It's a CPO vehicle, so they extend the bumper to bumper by 12 Mo and 12k miles and drive train was extended 12 months but still at 100k. The 15's had a better drivetrain warranty than the 16+ to start with. I'm certainly not saying you shouldn't buy new. It's very cool to be the only owner of a vehicle. But I can't make the numbers work for me. 63 cents a mile in depreciation is a big pill to swallow. Not as bad as other cars though. Trucks hold value better than most cars, but that's still a big hit. If you plan to keep it forever, maybe it doesn't matter. It doesn't sound like you need a new truck now, so you have time to watch for exactly what you want. That's what I did. I wasn't really planning to buy when I did, but I found exactly what I wanted and I beat them up until they gave me the price I wanted. Good luck.
  9. I read that article this morning as well. Made me even happier to have my 15 Sierra.
  10. I guess I'm having a hard time understanding your question. You have a truck you like. You want a new truck but you're not sure you will like the 19+ model. Is this right? Does your existing 6.2 not have afm? 50% of this entire forum is dedicated to issues people have had. Will you have those issues, who knows? By and large most issues have a reasonable fix, even the 8 speed. You just need to tune it if you don't like the way it works. Go in with you eyes open and you won't be surprised or disappointed. You always hope yours will be good, but problems can happen. Yes there have been bigger problems that have resulted in buy backs, but they are rare compared to the number of trucks they sell. Forums tend to make the issues seem much more prevalent than they may really be. Who comes to a forum to say " hey, my truck is just fine"?
  11. That's the problem with VIN based ordering. I had a similar issue when I ordered my parts. However, I declined to give them my VIN and they actually held the order to verify it. I informed them that I knew those where the parts I wanted and to release the order. I suppose this is a useful back check if you're not trying to change something, but it's annoying if you are. I used a different site, GMpartsnow.com, but it looks like they use the same system. I would guess the heated wheel clock spring is cheaper because they are a higher volume item. I doubt they sell many nonheated units. I can't verify your wheel part number because mine was different, black with red stitching. I suggest you call the folks you ordered from and explain what you're doing and let them help you verify you part numbers.
  12. Here are both of my blue ones. 00 Sierra SLT Z71 and 15 Sierra SLT All Terrain.
  13. All Terrain is a very wide category these days and includes everything between all season highway tires and mudders. It would be helpful to include what YOU want from a tire. Then maybe we can make recommendations.
  14. If it's plugged in or connected via Bluetooth, it can see the charge level of the phone. Mine displays it on the phone screen. It could be that it monitors it while connected
  15. If the fpcm is bad, would he hear the pump run with key on?

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