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  1. +1, since the intake will be off, change the along with the sensor harness. You might consider the cam position sensor while you have good access to it. It's right next to the oil pressure sender.
  2. Absolutely, if you can see it, replace it unless it's already new. Bearings are cheap particularly compared to the cost if they fail later.
  3. If the components are similar to the 4l60e, it has TC lockup solenoids. You may have a bad one. My was acting up similarly a while back, but it consistantly would unlock at cruise and lock up when I gave it a bit of throttle. Exactly bacwards. Turned out to be both solenoids, internal harness and a bad valve body.
  4. Reading reviews right on Cooper's site, the ATW gets great reviews when new, but once the wear a bit they fall off fast. They also dont appear to last well. I have the Michelin Defender LTX, they rock. On the 2ND year now and they still look basically new. Traction has been great on all surfaces I've encountered. Great tire.
  5. Generally, popping sound you described is the tell tail sign. A ripped boot it just confirmation. No clue on best brand.
  6. Check the CV joints on the front axles. If the rubber boot is ripped, it's likely toast.
  7. In your example size, 275 means 275mm width. There are 25.4 mm per inch. In my opinion, your tires should not be narrower than the wheel. There are recommended wheel width ranges for each tire and size. Tirerack has great info for each tire and size. You should do some research on their site.
  8. Don't know what an acceptable bleed rate is. But before I replaced my reg, it would bleed down from 55 to 0 in less than 30 seconds. Mine would start and run fine if I waited a couple seconds between on and start with the key. With no hesitation to pump up the system, it was hard to start cold and impossible to start hot.
  9. I knew the integrated the pressure regulator on new models, but I did not know about the IAC. The more I learn about the newer trucks, the more I like my 2000.
  10. 275 seems narrow for a 12" wide wheel. I run a 265 on 9" wheels, but I could run much wider. 315 is about 12" wide. Are you sure you need a 5 lug wheel? I thought all 1500s were 6 lug.
  11. I think that's just the mountING strap for the dryer.
  12. I'd replace the IAC valve and clean the throttle body. Particularly the port for the idle air control valve. When you put the new one in, you may have,a very high idle at first until it figures out what to do with the new valve.
  13. Go buy a book. Trying to type out all the rebuild direction would nearly be a book. Besides, the pictures are usually a big help.
  14. Have you tried pressing on the gas pedal while cranking? If that works, it's the IAC. If not, it's something else. But it's an easy way to eliminate one possibility.

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