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  1. Added a RC 2in level then washed the truck for the first time this month lol.
  2. So what part of Charlotte are you in?

    1. PotvinSucks
    2. AGMthing


      I'm in South park 

  3. New Guy!

    New guy here, but I decided to stop lurking and post. Picked up a 2015 Sierra back in March. Base model with the elevation package on it. First truck I've owned but so far I'm loving it. I've ordered a RC 2" lift and then after that I'll be doing exhaust, tint, LED fogs, and maybe a grill/lightbar combo or something. Long term, I would like to swap out the 2015 headlights for 2017 and find some LED tails and 3rd Brakelight as well. Finally, once the tires are shot I'll be in search for TE37s (either 18 or 20 inches) with some larger tires.
  4. I liked these on Johan's page and man I want TE's for my Sierra now haha

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