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  1. Ram truly has a superior product. My truck was a complete PoS and after a couple months with my RAM I have zero compaints.
  2. So I am finally rid of my shaky truck. I went through the BBB process and it was extremely easy and straightfoward. I had detailed notes of each visit, with who I spoke to, tech names, etc and it proved very helpful. It was comical how GM attempted to defend the truck. I won't get into details other than the fact they told the arbiter this was their first ever complaint about the vibrations. I almost fell out of my chair. Anyone with a vibrating brand new truck should definitely go through the BBB as soon as they hit their state lemon law requirements. I was awarded a full buyback minus mileage that I had put on the vehicle. Never again will I own a GM product and I have been extremely impressed with my RAM for the first month of ownership. GM consistently lied throughout the entire process and was a complete pain to deal with. Good luck to all and if you want any more info about the BBB process just send me a quick message
  3. GM has officially closed my case and told me to live with the vibrations. I filed the BBB complaint but think I would rather just hire a lawyer and do the lemon law. Which is the best direction for a quick resolution? Ready to go buy a Ram Rebel. Done with GM forever - lousy lousy customer service.
  4. Is the paint as thin as the GM black paint? I have only ever hand washed mine and dried w/ microfiber towels and it has scratches everywhere. And to update my vibration nonsense GM is still saying that my truck is operating as normal even though it makes me nauseous.. That's alright though. The local dealers have been seeing a lot of my lemon driving through their lots. They just shake their heads but nobody has approached me yet.
  5. Since they refuse to work on my truck any longer I had decals added and I'm gonna set up shop across the street from my local dealer over the weekend. My nauseating truck is "operating as designed" Think a lemonade stand and lemon balloons would be too much?
  6. They've replaced wheels, tires, struts, transmission flush, and balanced the tires. They now will not do anything else and told me to live with it - Per GM corporate... Not the dealer - the dealer has gone above and beyond and I have nothing bad to say about them. I have aftermarket Nittos and it still shakes. But this isn't the thread to discuss the issue. Just wanted to post a photo for everyone's viewing pleasure. Enjoy!
  7. It has the vibrations and is "operating as designed" according to GM. Even though it makes me physically ill after 20 mins of driving.
  8. Here is mine. A shaky mess of a truck that GM won't fix.
  9. His response was that they used the pico in another All Terrain X on the lot and they both had the same vibration readings. Seriously? I already told the dealership that the other one had a problem and drove worse than mine. It has 3500 miles on it already and the tech basically already confirmed it had issues which is why it has been sitting on their lot for so long. They can't sell it because it shakes so bad. Just because two trucks drive like garbage it is normal and there is no issue? I am beyond angry. Apparently the regular All Terrain Sierra I have been driving for weeks is a completely different truck from the X which is why it doesn't vibrate... That was the dealership's response. BS
  10. So the GM field engineer looked at my truck yesterday and said that it was within specs... Seriously? It has been two months and 4 different ride alongs where a vibration has been confirmed and that is your response?
  11. This makes no sense. Say for instance this is a very small issue that happens with 0.5% of truck owners. What are the chances that Consumer Reports received a problem vehicle? 0.5% of 700,000 trucks sold last year alone is still 3,500 people with an issue. All of their complaints are invalid because CR didn't report an issue? From what I have read people aren't saying that all GM trucks shake, they are merely giving people a heads up that it is a known issue for which GM has an apathetic attitude. Most of the complaints are that GM/dealerships either: A) refuse to acknowledge the problem (thus causing people to visit forums to see if others are having the same issue) B) cannot determine a fix for the problem (thus causing people to post if anyone else has had successful repairs) C) force you to deal with the problem via outside sources (thus causing people to file complaints, post anywhere they can, etc) Should people base their purchase on an online forum? - No. But should they completely disregard an entire (or multiple) threads just because the posters are anonymous? - Absolutely not.
  12. That is a really tough question that I am dealing with right now. My current truck has the vibration and has been in and out of the shop for the two months I have owned it. If it wasn't for the fact that I have a loaner Sierra that runs perfectly (other than clunky transmission but I can live with that) I would walk away and never look back. I've also driven my friend's Sierra and Silverado and no problems with those either. (Again, other than the transmission) I've driven the other choices and still would pick the GM again if I had the choice. It is a superior product fit/finish wise and the only option with a better ride is the Ram. The deciding factor here is definitely going to be GM customer service. So far I am far less than impressed with the amount of time spent/wasted having to constantly hound them to get anything accomplished. If they would offer me an agreeable swap I would take it but if they drag this out another month, or I am forced to file a BBB or lemon complaint, I would take back my money and never buy GM again.
  13. So the dealership called and said changing the struts corrected the vibration issue. Upon arriving at the dealer and driving with their tech I discover that no the vibration has not been corrected. We drive with the Pico and it throws the tire vibration code. Swap out the wheels with my loaner (which has been riding perfectly) and oops it throws the same code. Now they are sending the information to GM for the field engineer to come out. Thank you for wasting 4 hours of my day to ride around in a vehicle in which I have already had ride-alongs with 4 different people to determine the issue. Getting to the point where a replacement vehicle isn't worth the aggravation they are causing.
  14. My 2017 All Terrain X has had tires balanced and it did nothing to help the shaking. They are still working on a fix with different struts and tires. If that doesn't work they are calling in the GM field engineer. On a side note I am riding around in a 17 loaner and it is smooth as glass. This one is just a regular All Terrain but it rides 100% better than mine does. Even the transmission is smoother.
  15. So finally after two weeks of harassing GM customer service every day I have finally been upgraded to an executive level senior advisor. Who then asked for 48 more hours to investigate my issues... The dealership specifically informed her that there is nothing that can be done to remedy the vibration but she wants to call them and discuss options for a fix? I have an appointment at a different dealer Saturday so at least I will have my third confirmation that "vibrations are normal in these trucks". Oh and the Chevy dealer by my house refused to look at my Sierra with vibration issues as GM will not pay for a Chevy dealer to diagnose warranty issues with a GMC. Is that normal? They were all about me coming in until they ran my VIN.

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