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  1. Yeah 275/70/18 with 5100's all around and top setting up front. Haven't been able to drive it much but so far no clearance issues.
  2. My 16 does the same but haven't looked too much into it yet.
  3. So far so good; not too skinny in my eyes. Also got the tint done today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. It does! I'm actually at the store right now getting the 275/70 KO2's installed. I appreciate the help
  5. Do you have any pictures from the front or behind? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Just curious if anyone has installed aftermarket black wheels on the stock wranglers? Trying to picture the look.....maybe with a different offset but not finding much.
  7. GM Borla Touring ?s

    Thanks! I appreciate the info; just wished there was the option of exiting behind both wheels.....that's about the only hang up at the moment.
  8. GM Borla Touring ?s

    Isn't this the GM Borla catback system? It says dual side exit but looks like just two side by side http://www.shopchevyparts.com/performance/2016-silverado-1500-53l-dual-side-exit-cat-back-exhaust-crew-dbl/19303337-p-92285042.html
  9. Do they offer the catback system with pipes exiting behind both tires? Does it eliminate the problems with the afm(helicopter)? I didn't get into specifics but my dealer told me $1600 and some change for parts and labor; sound about right? And for those who have it, any complaints?
  10. FYI, I took mine back to the shop and had them swap the rears to boots down. I personally feel there is a difference in ride over boots up; seems to take speed bumps quite a bit better.
  11. Ok thanks. Looks like I need to read up on offset...according to that chart, the tires would stick out about 2.5". It doesn't sound like much but I'm sure it's way more than I would like. Thanks for the link, at least I have a reference now.
  12. I found a local package deal with 285/65/18 and moto wheels that have a -24 offset. Being as the factory's are +24, I would assume that's not gonna work?
  13. Which muffler did you go with?
  14. Thanks guys. Still on the fence....may come down to the best local deal I can find.
  15. Can't decide....2016 Z71 with Bilstein's on the top setting. I've been set on the 275/70 size for a taller and narrower tire for better snow performance but I'm a little worried they'll look too skinny? Any suggestions?

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