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  1. Fluid film is supposed to go on bare metal. the instructions say not to get it on rubber as it can harm that. I don't know if I would use fluid film over the existing coating. But for bare steel? it works great. I put it on my plow in the spring. 3 years old, it looks like brand new yet.
  2. There are several options for spray in bed-liners that are nearly equivalent in quality. You should pay right around $500 for a short bed. It all depends what's available nearby. Proper technique in bed prep is the key, you should be able to find out how your shop does it. And talk to them about if they are leaving the plugs in or taking them out. Its a PITA if you decide to remove the plugs after they sprayed over them. I had it done by my dealer, but they just drove it across town to an accessories dealer I could have gone to myself. By the way, mine is Bullet, I have no complaints after almost 3 years of use, but Line-X is also very popular here.
  3. actually I had the sandbags held tight to the tailgate to counter my plow weight. So the center of your cap's mass will be much farther forward than where my sand was. I think you will closer to a 1/4" drop like you predicted.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. If your tune prevents the truck from entering V4 at 60 mph, you will then lose the built-in fuel saving benefits of that system. I would check that out first and see what your AFM is doing.
  5. OK, after unloading my sand bags last night, I re-measured. Front: 36.25" Rear: 38.0" Rake: 1.75" I do have timbrens on the front, which lifted the truck maybe 1/2". So I think stock, I was at about 2.25" rake. Stock 18" wheels and factory rubber.
  6. 36.25" front 37.5" rear 1.25" rake today. but that is with 200# of sand in the bed. and you didn't ask for chevy's only gmc's, so disregard my numbers, lol.
  7. Beautiful truck. I get scared whenever my wife drives mine, I can't imagine her having her own truck. In my past job at a lumber yard I would poke fun of guys that came in with dented tailgates. nearly every one said their wife did it.
  8. In-channel is the way to go. I found no change in wind noise with mine. You may now find your windows auto-reversing when they hit the top, just make sure you do the trick where you hold the button down to re-learn the closed position. That is, if you haven't already. You should have some kind of instructions with your kit.
  9. Vin Number Search

    RPO codes have previously been on a sticker in the glove box, but for 2018 models they switched to a QR code on the door jamb you have to scan with your phone. OP has a 2017, so he should be able to find the sticker.
  10. Vin Number Search

    I'm guessing your 3.08 most did not come with a transmission cooler. That truck was not built for towing with those gears. But If you can find your RPO codes, that might help you. Mine is a 3.42 with trailering package. I have the following codes: KNP - Transmission oil cooler KC4 - Engine oil cooling system If you see either of those codes, they might be a clue.
  11. My family owns 3 different vehicles, for 3 different purposes. Truck, for trucks stuff & family hauling when weather requires it. GMC Terrain for family hauling most of the time and the wife to get to work. Grand am for when I'm driving alone and racking up miles. I am not enticed by electronics and gadgets, I plan to keep a vehicle longer than the radio or nav system is considered cool or cutting edge. I will upgrade my phone several times and use its features, while my vehicles remain a mode of transportation only. I plan to purchase another mid-size sedan soon, as my current one is approaching the 200k mark. I will not be looking at new, only gently used. The only electronic features that matter to me are those that have existed for more than a decade: power windows, locks remote start. I guess a back-up camera would be nice, not required. I won't pay a nickle more for anything else that my smartphone can already do by itself. I guess I'm in the minority.
  12. The prices tend to be slightly better toward the end of the model year, so you are correct in that assumption. I bought mine brand new at the end of June, the new models start showing up around September, so theoretically now through summer is you best price period on a brand new 2018. But the sales gimmick is always to tell you that the current deal is the best thing ever. It seems that every month brings a different promotion, but your out the door price doesn't really change that much. They just change from 'factory rebates', to 'cash allowances', to 'red tag', etc. Just check around online to know that you are getting the best price you can get. Ask other dealers to quote you on the exact same model. You should be able to buy a new vehicle for around 15-20% below MSRP, before tax.
  13. Yes, that would be the only solution. It would probably work just fine. I was just pointing out that the "suggested" jack point would become unusable for those with larger tires unless you either have blocks under the jack or some alternate way of doing it.
  14. I still love mine. It seems there are mostly two types of people who come to this forum: 1) someone just got a new truck and is excited about it, their frequency of visiting goes down over time as the new wears off. 2) someone had a problem with their truck/dealer and just joined to complain about it. so yeah, all of the other million satisfied GM truck customers, you have never heard from. don't worry, there are way more happy customers than frustrated ones.
  15. Thanks for making me think about this. I never considered running out of jack height for those with larger tires than stock. I did some measuring today and posted my results in the thread below: I confirmed that as long as I'm on relatively flat, solid ground (say a highway shoulder) I would have no problem getting the jack to fit and the lift height I need to change a flat. But for some with lift/level and larger tires that may not be the case.

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