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  1. exactly. I could care less what the MSRP or "sale price" is. I only want to know what its going to cost me. I think its funny when people say they "got a truck for 20% below MSRP". No you didn't get the truck for that, you agreed on a sale price prior to taxes. The price you "got it for" is significantly higher than that, especially if anyone cared to add in the loan interest paid. But I understand the math. I "got mine" for 18.3% below MSRP according to duquephart.
  2. I recommend truxedo Lo Pro. I would buy it again. https://www.truxedo.com/p-36211-truxedo-lo-pro.html $460 on amazon https://www.amazon.com/Truxedo-571801-Truck-Cover-14-17/dp/B00CGGXSVO But there are so many similar ones. You can't go wrong with a soft roll-up for those of us that actually use the bed. Roll it up and secure with the included straps, you have full use of the bed. put it down and its watertight.
  3. I did the plasti dip on my wife's black Terrain. I only covered the red part, left the chrome edges. See the photos in my album below. I'm very happy with it, it has held up well for 6 months so far.
  4. Do you remote start often? I don't believe the DIC calculates the fuel burned when you don't have the key in. That could also explain why you saw a 3mpg difference between the screen reading and your calcs. Its winter in Wisconsin. During these cold stretches I frequently only get 15 mpg for a tank as well. In summer my average is more like 19-20.
  5. Yes, you will probably notice an improvement in the numbers when they bring back the "summer blend". But is your new truck completely stock? or did you level it and put bigger, wider tires on? Any changes you make to the exterior, will likely cause loss of MPGs. Also, driving habits have alot to do with it and fuel efficiency tanks with high speeds. What is your average freeway speed? Your numbers are only a little lower than average, so I'm not convinced there's anything wrong with your truck, maybe some changes you can make.
  6. I have absolutely no issues with AFM. I don't understand why so many people feel the need to disable it. It transitions seamlessly for me and I don't notice it at all unless I see the little green "V4" on the screen. If there is really any increased oil consumption from it, my truck is too new to see any of that. I don't have the 8 spd, but my 6 speed is perfectly smooth and I have never experienced the gear hunting or other issues reported on here. I don't know what some people expect from an automatic transmission. I would recommend this generation to anyone. Like Mike GMC said, don't let the complaints on this forum scare you away. They represent only a tiny percentage of all the trucks on the road.
  7. can you see marks when the lights are off? the photos you took show the lights on.
  8. That's just where the intensely focused light is hitting the plastic cover. I don't think you have anything wrong.
  9. You shouldn't need a second battery unless you are putting an extreme load on the system: huge audio system, plow, air compressor, etc. It seems like most of the people I have seen who's battery died extremely young live in the hottest regions. I think heat is worse for the factory battery than cold. I'm still on my original and no signs of needing a replacement yet.
  10. If you have the temp set warmer than the ambient temp, it should not be blowing cold air. But if you left your truck with the temp set to LOW, maybe it does. I have abandoned manually adjusting the heating system (like on my old car) and just leave it on 70 degrees AUTO all the time. Every time I remote start, it won't really blow much air for a few minutes until the engine warms up, then it pushes out plenty of warm air, with the AC light on to remove moisture.
  11. This has been one of the most interesting threads to read in a while...
  12. I was just thinking about this earlier in the week when I was sitting in the cold (single digits) watching the engine idle. The idle RPM is only about 500. The earlier criteria said it won't go into V4 at less than 700 RPM, i'm sure GM figured out how slow the engine could spin in each mode while running smoothly.
  13. You might as well ask who is the most beautiful woman in the world. Everyone can give you their own opinion, but there's no right answer. Are you keeping stock size? Safe street tires are different than off-road tires. Do you want them quiet? If you're worried about MPG, don't get anything with aggressive lugs. BFG KO2's are very popular, mostly because of the looks, but they are higher in price. There's a member on here (i forget who) that swears the Sumimoto Encounter is the best tire for the price. But you asked my opinion: I'm putting Cooper Discover A/T3's on when I retire my factory rubber. I had them on my last truck and have nothing bad to say about them.
  14. People aren't telling you to avoid the diesel because there is anything wrong with it. They are telling you to run away from the deal because it is a foolish financial move. If you need a diesel for work, or because you need the towing capability, that is one thing. But you have demonstrated that you don't seem to care about that. You told us you want this truck for the fun of it. So buy the truck you want and be happy with it. We don't know what you are trying to get out of this forum, but most of us are just trying to give you advice.
  15. The free stuff is over by the sales dept. But that's where i bought my truck, so i have no difficulty walking over there and filling up my belly. haha. I know what you mean. You are right about the free time. I wasted nearly 2 hours round trip each time I took it in. But I would go over lunch, and walk to a restaurant or something as well. And it was kind of a break, since i would have to be working on something if i was at home anyway. But I kind of agree with Jetmek- when the truck is on warranty, I'm going to let them have all the liability. Now that my 4 oil changes are done, and I only have 4 months of warranty left, its a different story.

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