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  1. everybody who answers this will give you a different answer. I drive a 2015 that matches what you are looking at, stock tires and suspension, 3.42 gears. If I set the cruise at 70 for a couple hours, I'm usually just over 20. If I'm on a 2 lane road going 60, my mpg might be more like 22.
  2. I'm not too sure the Lemon Law is designed to help you with issues making phone calls and playing music. Are you certain it's the truck, not your phone causing the issues?
  3. passlock causes all kinds of issues when its not working properly. Try resetting it and see if you can start the vehicle. I had a loose wire giving me headaches until the mechanic finally found it. https://repairpal.com/gm-passlock-anti-theft-systems
  4. If you enjoy trading in your vehicle for a new one every 3 years and having the same loan payments forever, then go for it. You are the one who has to be happy. If you're already eyeing up a denali, I know you want to do it. I would not do that, however. I enjoy not having a loan payment for as long as possible.
  5. warranty work seems to be able to be denied on a whim IF the dealership can blame the failure on an aftermarket mod. It is specific to only the parts affected by the mod, you can't void the entire bumper to bumper warranty. The exhaust is unlikely to affect anything else, so go for it. Any changes you make to the front suspension will result in a possble loss of coverage for any future issues with steering, alignment, suspension components. Again, what are the odds you would need that in the next 3 years? Who knows. But just go into it knowing, if you install a leveling kit, you may be on the hook for any repairs to the front end.
  6. ?? did you get a deal on an e-assist model that sat on the lot all year because nobody else wanted it? Those aren't even available outside of CA are they? but 30k for a brand new truck seems too good to be true. I was also wondering if the OP has 4wd or not. It not a bad price based on what used trucks are going for around here, but it leads to the exact thing that Chevy Roofer said and I found when I bought mine new: Brand new trucks with a full warranty only cost a bit more than a 2 year old truck as you found out. If you compared prices and you are happy, that's all that matters.
  7. He's not saying premium is 1 cent per gallon different, he's saying that becuase he gets "better mileage" with the premium, it actually costs him within 1 cent per mile to buy it. I think. But I still don't believe it. I'll wait to see something from a credible source telling me I should pay for premium gas. Do you think the Federal Trade Commision is credible? https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0210-paying-premium-high-octane-gasoline "Unless your engine is knocking, buying higher octane gasoline is a waste of money. In fact, in most cases, using a higher octane gasoline than your owner's manual recommends offers absolutely no benefit. It won't make your car perform better, go faster, get better mileage, or run cleaner."
  8. Cheating neighbors

    I see you are over in two rivers, why don't you call up some of those big farms in Kewaunee county and get them to spread some fertilizer on the property. ya know, to help the grass grow. sorry for your bad luck, but welcome to the site anyway!
  9. Mythbusters has tested the tailgate up vs. down as well as varying tire pressure's effects on fuel economy. Their results were: driving with tailgate up, and slightly over-inflated tires will give you the best fuel bang for your buck. I know their experiments are not always comprehensive, but they were interesting nonetheless.
  10. Roofrack

    well get those bars off amazon, and have fun strapping those gigantic hockey bags to the roof! At least it will smell better inside the car finally.
  11. I agree. Only high performance machines with high compression can make use of the extra octane. For everyone else, you are wasting money buying anything but regular unleaded. Premium fuel has no more "energy" per gallon.
  12. Roofrack

    I had the same question when my wife got her 2015 terrain. I'm guessing they are not used by everyone and having them installed adds wind resistance -> lower mpgs. Its easy to add the rails if you want. I was close to buying them off Amazon myself. I have not purchased any yet, instead I bought a hitch hauler for when we want to load more than her rig can fit inside. I used that this summer and I was pretty happy with it, so I probly won't be going the roof rack route anytime soon. I did hear that people were complaining about a whistling noise when they put the bars in, pay attention, there is a "front" so install it the right way.
  13. following. if this is an easy swap, i'm doing it too.
  14. your paint code is as the very bottom of the sticker in the glovebox: 8624 is Summit White. I'm guessing someone wanted the gold two-tone effect and had that added later, hence the handwritten Dupont sticker you found. maybe they did it through the dealership, but that was likely not a factory option. Also, the Z71 shocks are a touchy subject. Some people claim they are terrible and want to "upgrade" them. Other trucks ride for years on the factory suspension. Its all how your butt perceives the ride. If you test drove it and it feels the way you think it should, then I wouldn't worry about the shocks.
  15. Yeah, I also have a soft tonneau cover for convenience, not for MPG. I always take others' self reported MPG with a grain of salt. There are way too many variables to compare different trucks and drivers. Small differences in tire pressure/size/tread pattern, wind, road surface, slope & elevation of terrain, cruise control, average speed, rate of acceleration, following other traffic, etc....... And that doesn't even cover all the differences between trucks or weight of cargo & passengers. You are right in the middle of normal fuel economy. If you read through all these forums you will always find somebody higher or lower.

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