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  1. I'm a Husky fan,,, they fit great, no drilling and in my opinion look the best on my RCSB... Of course,, many threads and articles on this subject but it's OK to re-state Husky products work and are a bit cheaper than WT's... Cheers---K
  2. I have Husky Floor Mats and Front / Rear Mudflaps on my 2016 RCSB.. Great fit on mats and cheaper that WT's... Some folks have complained that WT's curl-up... Mud flaps were No Drill / easy install and like the look better than WT's in my opinion... Cheers----K
  3. Probably the High Pressure fuel pump / DI system when engine is "Cold" Not too noticable when engine is warm or operatiing temp.. When 5.3 is running in Park,, you will hear "tick" of DI pump.. Was one of the many new sounds I discovered with my 2016 RCSB / 5.3.. Cheers----K
  4. A couple of photos of my 2016 RCSB with 2" lift on Goodyear / SRA's - 275/55/r20's and on BFG-KO2's - LT285/55/r20's.. KO2's barely rub on sway bar at full lock... Cheers----K
  5. On my 2016 RCSB, 5.3, 6 speen, swapped out the stock Goodyear SRA - 275/55/r20's with BFG-KO2's - LT285/55/r20 and had very minor rubbing on sway bar. Did the Rancho 9000 / 2" Lift strut assembly and minor rubbing was gone... Average - combined gas mileage was 19 overall and 23 on open road before KO2's.. Now average is 17-18 @ 45Psi... Hope this helps.. Cheers---K
  6. Tail Gate Assist Info

    The Dee Zee kit has threaded insert unit that needs to be installed in the gate - Factory Hole. Once completed,, bracket support bolt can be screwed in... Hope this helps... Cheers----K
  7. First,, Great looking Truck,, kinda partial to that color.. You have multiple options: * Remove antena and install under hood or in fender area and plug hole. * Pick-up shorter replacement from Auto Parts Store, "you select" * Cut-off (2in) or more, I did and replace steel ball at top or as "Easymony" stated simple rupper cap on top with a bit of silicone glue to prevent rusting.. I got tired of hearing antena drag on garage door(s)... Cheers----K
  8. Yup,, that does seem to be a bit odd.. Its possible that the cold air may have started MAS issues, or you have light oil build-up on unit.. Check out other threads on this problem for some additional background on stalling.. At least its a good place to start.. Cheers----K
  9. Is your K&N filter Wet or Dry type?? It's possible for K&N "Wet" filters to mess up MAS-Air flow sensors, causing these type issues.. Get some MAS spray and clean unit and replace filter with dry type.. Cheers---K
  10. What iOs are you running on iPhone? If possible,, you may want to update iOS... Have you tried PC access to compare? Cheers----K
  11. The "Z60" suspension package was one of the many options included on my 2016 RCSB-1500-4WD / Work Truck.. Factory considers this "Their" touring package with larger front sway bar and custom valved shocks.. These are Option Codes / RPO information listed on Vechile Build sheet... The "Z71" is combination of Spring rate increase and Rancho shocks.. The specific truck I purchased also had the "Z82" Trailering Package which I wanted for trans and oil coolers.. Cheers---K
  12. Started using BFG AllTerrains back in late 70's to include on 80-Toy 4x4, 96 Tahoe and now KO2's on my 2016 RCSB... The stock Goodyear 275/55/20 SRA's were basically crap. Day before new KO2's installed, picked-up a free 2" lag bolt in right front SRA, lucky it still had its' captive washer to help keep air in tire.. So far with 800 miles on these 285/55/20's ride is decent and lower road Whine / Noise than the older AllTerrains... Even handles much better.. Cheers---K
  13. Having installed Rancho 9000XL adjustable shocks on my old 96 Tahoe, adjustments were easy for my on-road, off road and trailer load duties. the (9) adjustments can and will give you your "Custom" ride qualities.. Now have 9000XL's on my 2016 RCSB in rear and their 9000XL / Level Strut assembly on front with adjustments still easy to control ride and load in back.. I will admit the Monroe, Gabrial, KYB, etc., type shocks do offer differenct ride qualities to to Non-Gas vs. Gas charged. For anyone who installs Rancho 9000's,, make sure you use heavy duty / trailer type bearing grease (Red Tacky) around the adjusters back site to seal out water and road salt.. Cheers---K
  14. Truck Wash

    Best case "Wash / Dry / Wax by hand.. Use good quality drying towels.. Many brands and types are available, even at Wallmart.. I have Black truck and heated garage with soft water spigots Hot/Cold mix to help with water spotting. Installed / extended house soft water copper pipes to garage after moving in.. For winter,, find Touchless car wash that has its doors closed to outside winter temps. Many also have undercarriage sprays to help reduce / remove road salt. In Iowa,, these Touchless washes cost about $11.00 without coupons... Have Fun-----K

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