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  1. Many wierd electrical issues can be caused by poor grounds for engine, chassis and Neg-battery cable.. Batteries that have low cell voltage may be another possible cause for strange issues.. VOM meter is your best source for detecting and fixing.. You may want to start with cleaning "all" grounds starting in engine compartment and under dash.. If your truck is in rain belt,, green connections may be easy to see.. If all fails,, I have included Fuse cheet sheet... Cheers---K
  2. Hey Cowpie.. I may have missed,, but where did you get your Tabs?? Do they stick on via 3M adheisive? Not to dwell on tires,, but installed "upsized 285/55/20's BFG-KO2's with Nitrogen fill a few weeks ago from crap Goodyear 275/55/20 SRA's.. Also Nerf bars for GF... Did notice about 4-tenths drop in overall mileage from 19mpg to about 18.6mpg, but handling has greatly improved as will as looks.. Cheers---K
  3. I purchased Leer for my 2016 RCSB within a few months of getting truck.. Did not notice "any" mileage changes from open bed, but did notice a bit more wind buffeting at interstate speeds.. Since these units are about 195 Lbs +, will be curious on bed weight for extra traction this upcomming winter.. Photo taken before new BFG KO2's installed,, now that is different subject as mileage dropped a bit.. Cheers---K
  4. Thanks reardiff... The LT 285's are much stiffer than Goodyear serries and these are (D) rated tires with my first Nitrogen fill.. Will be interesting to check pressure this upcomming COLD winter... Since I just installed, running @ 48 PSI as baseline this week and did notice a stiffer ride due to tire construction, tread type and current PSI setting.. Next will take down to 45 PSI for fun testing.. It does handle really well now for 3175 pound truck.. Next step will be to lower shock stiffness, but new KO2's are much quieter than my old AllTerrains.. Cheers---K
  5. I installed Rancho 9000 Adjustable QuickLift (2") level struts in front and the 9000's in rear.. Since front end was a bit lighter, my 2" lift became roughly 2.5,, but that's OK.. Attached is photo from early Monday AM (truck is dirty) with new LT285/55/20's,, and pre-new tires.. Cheers---K
  6. Its time to get out the DVM / Digital Volt Meter or basic VOM to trouble shoot your power / ground issue.. Problem "could" be deffective relay, wire crimp in harness or bad connector. When fuse keeps blowing, grounded-power is usually the case.. Its unfortunate that some dealer techs have no clue on basic wiring.. Cheers----K
  7. I recently leveled my 2016 RCSB and last week and replaced my crappy my 275/55/20 Goodyear SRA's to new BFG KO2's at 285/55/20.. No rub, great handling and basically a quiet tire compared to the standard BFG All-Terrains... Have fun on whatever you choose.. Cheers---K
  8. I have been a BFG All Terrain fan since the late 70's on 5 different trucks and 1 tahoe... Current ride is 2016 RCSB with OEM 20/9's and Crappy Goodyears-SRA-275/55/R20's with 7600 miles now.. Next week, going back to BFG's with new KO2's, upsizing to LT285/55/R20's since winter is getting close in midwest. Two of my buddies run KO2's on 2500 and 1500 crew cabs and love the hanlding and basic quite ride... I Can't wait.. Cheers---K
  9. Mt 2016 had phillips screws / factory threaded holes that I used for the Huskys and extra clip for rears on inside lip... I did add some 3M double sided / thin tape to back of mud flap for contact with inner fender area to help with overall strength... Cheers----K
  10. I think you lucked out with front end.. Got my 2016 as leftover in January with 2-miles on odometer.. Its possible with any truck that alignment could-be or would-be off due to transport and heavy duty truck lock downs on way to dealership.. In past, I have seen some toe-out / tow-in issues with new cars and trucks.. I too will be changing out my crap SR-A's this November and upsizing from the 275 series to 285/55/20 BFG KO2's.. Cheers---K
  11. Let us know how front-strut install went.. Hope you had front-end alignment done after install.. About 2 months ago on my 2016 RCSB, swapped out my factory (Z60) rear shocks for Rancho 9000 adjustables.. Had same front / rear on my old 96 Tahoe that worked great for towing, off road fishing trips due to the ease of adjustments.. A few weaks after,, installed the Quick-Lift front strut assembly with 9000's and both are working great with setting on #8.. Also needed front realignment.. I got the 2in level and much better handling.. Enjoy.. Cheers----K
  12. I second on Safelite or similar "local" glass repair shop.. Those $10.00 kits really do not work,, tried on 2 cars years ago and glass still started hairline cracks within weeks.. Proper windshield prep-work and great epoxy job was key.. Safelite did repair on my old 96 Tahoe that lasted 4+ years and 4 cold winters in Iowa until I sold it to buddy.. It's still holding strong at a $35.00 fix.. Cheers----K
  13. Not sure how many miles you put on truck since purchase, but I would change plugs and wires as fresh start.. Check out oil and do oil / filter change, transfer and diferential fluids as simple base line.. Also give trans the fluid sniff test to vaidate it's not burnt.. It may need replacing, with or without trans filter.. Your truck now,, treat it well... Cheers---K
  14. I noticed you live in North Washington area with the historic / standard heavy rainy seasons, lots of moisture,, etc.. Poor electrical connections in general will cause many weird conditions with truck and boat systems.. I would first start by cleaning all engine and system grounds and apply good water sealer to connections after.. Find your electrical diagram, as it will point out the the physical connectors and grounds to first check out. Also,, recommend using VOM / Volt-Ohm meter to vaidate connections and of course voltages. If you see any connectors with the green crud inside,, cut-off old and solder in new connector's with shrink tubing to seal joint.. I do realize my comments are shot-gun type but they are a good place to start to issolate your problem or multiple issues.. Cheers----K
  15. Yes,, I can confirm that dealers "now" use full synthetic on oil changes and for the 5.3 and PF63e filters.. Good friend is service advisor of dealership that I purchased my 16 RCSB, 5.3, 6speed... In Iowa,, its been 3+ months now... Cheers----K

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