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  1. I'd like to congratulate @EA on on @reddit's most downvoted comment ever! https://t.co/5PIooA41c0

  2. The cab looks comically small compared to the bed. I guess that's better than Ford's comically large cab size compared to the bed...
  3. Those wheel wells look terrible.
  4. RT @ericjoshua11: I'm PRAYING that this isn't bad... The Lion King is my all time favorite movie! https://t.co/dEJxRQUmRh

  5. Verifying myself: I am sdemura on Keybase.io. 5D3lvSrfaWNsnGHiSoKkJVSZxv_CYoqBpA9Q / https://t.co/4c6rleI3eY

  6. Turning in my 2015 4.3 for a 2017 5.3 today. I'm NOT turning it because I wanted the 5.3, but because I'm getting a great deal on a lease pull ahead. I actually asked if I could get a 4.3 and all they had were 5.3s.
  7. RT @LauraLoomer: @TheEllenShow This is relevant because MGM was hit w/ temporary restraining order to prevent MGM from destroying evidence.…

  8. RT @LauraLoomer: It's been 2 whole weeks since the #LasVegasShooting and @lvmpd @fbi @MandalayBay haven't released any footage of the shoot…

  9. I have a 4.3L 4x4 and I've never felt I've had a lack of power...
  10. We were the opposite. We didn't need AWD on the last Equinox and had no reason to switch it up this time.
  11. 2.4L in 2016 equinox

    I don't understand how the 2.4L could be enough power for anyone who ever travels on an expressway. I've tried it before. Merging was a nightmare, and if i ever needed to hit the gas to get out of the way, I might as well just hit whatever's in front of me. v6 or bust!
  12. My wife and I just went through this exercise. Lease is up on my wife's '14 Equinox 2LT v6, and we were sorely disappointed to find out that 1) v6 only comes in AWD configurations in '16+ and 2) finding a v6 Equinox is impeccably hard. The dealership tried up-selling us to an '18 Equinox -- which I think are utter crap, but that's another story -- and then down-selling us to a Trax, but we both still wanted the v6. I had the wife try the 4 cylinder, but we both felt like we were going to get smashed trying to merge onto the expressway. No thank you! We were going to settle on the Trax, but then I decided to visit a GMC dealer where they had a decent selection of Terrain v6's. The Terrain costs a bit more, but we're getting alot more features for not much more. Honestly prefer the styling of the Equinox more (especially the '16/'17 refresh), but we can live with it!

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