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  1. I'm gonna have to check this on my truck, I'll let you guys know if this was the issue... Thanks!!
  2. So my 17 LTZ decided to develop a rather annoying rattle under the driver side dash. Looks like I will have to pay my local dealer a visit sooner than expected. Should I prepare myself for any other squeaks or rattles in the near future??
  3. If you really want to get better MPGs just turn on the "ECO" button... then you should easily see over 30 MPGs.... oh wait that button is on the Sentra my wife drives... I think you might be S.O.L. on better gas mileage....
  4. If you don't feel comfortable I say just rent out a Uhaul trailer and tow it.. but you should be ok having it on the bed...
  5. I've been looking into doing something like this to my truck. Having a front facing camera would be awesome in the dunes!!
  6. never hurts to get it checked, but just changing the tires shouldn't mess with your alignment.
  7. Loaners are usually given by GM if the truck is getting warranty work that will take over a day to complete. Some dealers offer loaners as a courtesy for day use but this isn't common practice, and is usually limited on a first come first serve basis. Some "Higher End" dealers (Mercedes/Lexus/Tesla) will even offer home vehicle pick-up and drop off.
  8. I'm going to go full synthetic after my free oil changes are done. Protects your engine better for a few more bucks... Well worth the investment in my opinion.
  9. Looks like that might be rust...
  10. Check out Method Wheels... https://www.methodracewheels.com/
  11. Its all for MPG's... Mine will be coming off in the next couple of weeks.
  12. I call BS.... they are just trying to "Up-sale" you on a fuel system service your truck doesn't really need
  13. These LED lights are defiantly bright... I have yet to install my leveling kit but already have seen people cover up their mirrors when I pull up behind them at stop lights... I actually find it amusing but I'm sure they are hating me lol

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