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  1. Yes they did work. Just tie into the brown bcm wire for the reverse wire. The running lights I had to run wires to my parking lamp in the fuse box under the hood with fuse piggy backs. Sorry I took so long to respond to your response from my 1st post. TexasSilverado16
  2. Difference in Tire Size Question

    The difference between all the tires are the aspect ratio. Which is your height of the tire. Your second number your changing in all these sizes. The aspect ratio is the % of the width of the tire aka the "275" No tire manufacturer makes a 275/75r16, just so you know. TexasSilverado16
  3. 285/70R17

    Just be careful not to go to wide as to have to much flex on the tire because it'll cause irregular tire ware that you won't want & you'll think it's an alignment issue of an under inflation issue. TexasSilverado16
  4. Toyo Open Country M/T or Cooper STT Pro M/T..

    Hello. I've worked in the tire industry for 10 years now & can say that the Cooper STT Pro are a harder compound rubber compared to the Toyo MT. So it comes down to if you want a rough noisy ride with cooper or a smoother & quieter ride with Toyo. I've sold both but have never run them. Just my experience with customer feedback on tires they've bought. TexasSilverado16
  5. 285/70R17

    @Jneisner, You can fit a 285/70R17 with a 0 offset no problem. Even if you had a 2" level it works but the 3" you could possibly even fit a 295 with maybe just a slight little bit of plastic trim. According to rc a 2" can fit a 285/70 no problem. If yours is a 4x4 you have even more clearance than a 2wd. Hope this helps bud. TexasSilverado16
  6. So this 1st photo is pointing to your power for your lights. Running a wire to it & tapping into it with tow mirrors for the amber/smoke forward facing light will work......... This 2nd photo is pointing to the black circuit box wire that is your turn signal wire. Run & tap a wire into it & the amber/smoke forward facing light on tow mirror will work. TexasSilverado16
  7. I just figured out the wiring set up for where to run the wires to get your power for lights & turn signal light. No extra bs to deal with. I'm going to order mine next week but wanted to make sure that the lights we doable as to some people on here said that you needed a whole bunch of harnesses to purchase & in not about to clutter my shit up under my dash. Keep it simple [emoji41] TexasSilverado16
  8. What's the setup you went with on the wheels & tires? TexasSilverado16

    Have you tried a new starter & or battery? A faulty starter or bad battery can cause this code to come on. Even bad wiring to the starter. TexasSilverado16
  10. Here are my daytime shots TexasSilverado16
  11. I used just the white plasti dip with 4 base coats than I did 3 coats Rustoleum 2x Gloss White. It's all in the technique as well. You have to do the gloss 2x very lightly because it comes out like an HVLP gun. My bumper didn't come out quite as glossy or clear but from far away you can't even tell. I'll take some shots this morning in the sunlight so you can see. TexasSilverado16
  12. Started plasti dipping my chrome today on my truck! TexasSilverado16
  13. Stock 20's from chevy is a 20x8.5 with a +31. So being that I want a 20x10 & -24 it pushes it out further so it would be a completely different tire to fit. I went with a 2" motofab upper strut spacer & just looking for a perfect fit so I don't rub or have to do any trimming to get it to fit. TexasSilverado16
  14. But what size wheel setup did you use? I want a 20x10 -24 off set. Using a 275/55 would be like factory style but I want just a slight bit beefier like the 285/55 or yes a 275/60 but unsure of which setup works with the wheel option I want. TexasSilverado16

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