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  1. Does this mophie work with car play through the USB port?
  2. When I did my research on the AT before I bought my '17 SLT I found a '16 SLE AT in the same color that had all the same options except the seats were cloth instead of leather and it was a 6 speed transmission instead of 8 speed. Heated seats and steering wheel, rear sliding window, bose system, all that was the same. Keep in mind this is crew cab short box model. From doing some brief research just now I see some that have chrome mirrors and handles but the '16 i found had color matching. When it came down to it I purchased the '17 at a lower price than what the '16 was listed for and the '16 was in Colorado and I am in Texas so easy choice. Shoot me a message if you have any more questions. I believe what made them so similar was the fact that the package is the All Terrain Premium package I believe. Both these vehicles had that package hence why they were so similar minus the seats and transmission.
  3. Need to take some more pics as I've added some mods but heres mine. Compliments every where I go on the color and style.
  4. 2017 ALT CRT

  5. I have the Carven TR and I am also extremely pleased. Don't know how loud your current setup is to compare but mine provides just the right amount of sound to me. Look at some youtube clips of it and see what you think I know there are some out there that I listened too.
  6. I enjoy the squared up sierra. Just makes it look more mean. If it's ever pitch black at night i'll remote start it and the C lights just look damn good (and in a daytime reflection off the car in front of me). Also always been a GMC guy and no reason for me to change really. Either one you can mod to make it look like you want. Really can't go wrong.
  7. 5.3 Exhaust?

    Cool. Think I am gonna go with the Carven TR and I'll leave the resonator as I think it'll be too loud without. Still undecided on the flapper and probably won't decide until I get it too the shop. Don't know if they've improved in the '17 models enough to leave it or not.
  8. 5.3 Exhaust?

    Been watching videos of this and it's growing on me. Sounds as close to my old sound as I can find. How is it with the AFM? Did you leave the resonator and flapper or take them off?
  9. New to the site and just purchased a 2017 All-Terrain 5.3L. Been thumbing through exhaust threads and just wanted to seek out some opinions. I had an '05 Sierra 1500 previously with dual in-out magnaflows with turn downs in front of passenger rear tire and am looking for this type of sound in my new ride. Any suggestions on what type of system can give me that type of sound? Will try to upload a clip of my '05 (still have it) if needed. I really like the turn down sound as it gives a really deep rumble (not sure how this will translate to the quieter cabin). Any thoughts or insight would help and thanks in advance. Also, I'd like to know if it is worth it (warranty wise) to not have it dealer installed and just go to my muffler shop? I'd like to keep my warranty intact if at all possible. Anyone ever had/heard of an exhaust voiding the warranty? I've seen the threads about "modifications that directly cause the issue" can void but just am wondering how likely that is to happen. TIA again.

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