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  1. Thanks And, somehow, I got this into the wrong forum too. I'll try in the correct one.
  2. Does anyone know how to remove the overhead console on the +15 Yukon? The one right in the middle with the map lights and everything. I want to look into the possibility of putting some switches up there and/or a voltage tap (But I'll need to step it down to +5) Thanks
  3. Dang, wish they had something like this for the Yukon. Nice write-up. .
  4. Crack, as in broken or, crack as in a joint/overlap in parts?
  5. In a recent consumer reports they wrote about car mfg's designing headlights for aerodynamics and looks, with functionality coming in dead last. I agree ^
  6. New to you (accident?) or brand new vehicle? May want to check the headlight adjustment (we can only adjust them up or down, not left or right).
  7. I cannot seem to find the max current output of the USB ports. Does anyone know? Typically, like on a computer, they are 500ma max, but I was wondering if they upped the output for charging the larger smart phones (like a high output wall wart).
  8. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that...
  9. And, when the windows would be down, I would be sleeping inside anyways. And armed...
  10. Yeah, well, I'm not having much luck figuring it out anyways...
  11. Have you checked Gm-upfitter for the schematics?
  12. After thinking about this more, I began wondering... In the TSB, it specifically mentions people trying to get warranty on aftermarket headlight assemblies THAT HAD MOISTURE IN THEM. Either GM buys their assemblies from the same place as the aftermarket companies do (quite possibly) or EVERYONE, with these style of assemblies is having the exact same problem. Hhhmmmm...

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