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  1. On longer drives with my family, the AC/fan at some point ends up on the lowest setting because we get chilly, in my experience anyway.
  2. Will the new Raptors do a burnout with 4 people in the cab? My only Raptor experience was in a 1st gen and that pile wouldn't, we're not fatasses either.
  3. Am I the only one that likes the OEM antenna mast? For me, it acts like a feeler gauge for questionable roof clearance.
  4. 6.2L

    This went from the op asking "Does anyone know if the 6.2 is available in an LT trim model?" to this now... This forum is as bad or worse as the Subaru forums at times, lol.
  5. I (spray) waxed mine for the first time yesterday. It's slicker than snot now, I swear I picked up 1 or 2 mpg, lol.
  6. I've found that traction control off and M1 really get the job done under 3k rpm.
  7. x4 on Graphite Metallic. I love mine!
  8. I put mine in about 3-4 weeks ago... I didn't use it the first week (because I forgot it was there) but now I use it every entry and exit because it's there. Mine was $50 from the dealership but I used the $100 shop-click-drive coupon so I got a ball and hitch receiver while I was at it.
  9. Wait, how do you make them go away? lol I swiped finger prints all over that damn screen yesterday trying to hide them!
  10. I got mine end of April and have not had one issue yet and I still love this thing, thankfully. I'm still going to watch for that next time. This will be my 5th gm truck but the 1st Foreign built one. I should probably get a Hencho en Mexico sticker :-/
  11. I actually didn't even think about it until I was in the finance dept and saw that my vin started with 3... "Ah shit"
  12. That's funny, yesterday I was just looking at my recovery hooks thinking that an LED pod would fit there quite well.
  13. There's some good info and feedback for lowering a 4x4 in this thread: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/189298-lowered-4x4-thread/

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