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  1. Any Virginians here?

    Giant, Give me a shout after the holidays if you want. I am up the road near Warrenton. Enjoy the holidays and have a nice day. Bill
  2. Any Virginians here?

    drdiesel, where did you come from in Michigan. I grew up near Port Huron. Just retired from the Air Force 2 years ago and moved here to Warrenton, VA for a wonderful job. finnd, I see we are neighbors. Have a great day. Bill
  3. Where you from?

    Living in Warrenton, VA now. Was in the military until 2003 when I retired. During that time I lived in Italy; Rome, NY; Guam; Germany; Biloxi, MS; Germany; Johnston, RI. Have a nice day. Bill
  4. Any Virginians here?

    Warrenton, VA here. Have a 2005 Silverado 4x4 with Quadrasteer. Drives and rides like a champ. Look out for me at times in Fauquier running my red emergency lights as I am a volunteer fire fighter. Bill

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