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  1. So how has it been doing since?
  2. 2009 was the first year for Bluetooth in the GMT900.
  3. Yes, if yours is NNBS, the computer sees that as two sensors.
  4. Sorry for the poor grammar this morning. I believe that your truck, like mine, is drive by wire. No cables going to the throttle body. If that is correct then you have 2 throttle position sensors. Code P0121 means the 1st sensor has gone bad and needs changing.
  5. Bad ground connection or a battery that's lying to you. Probably the latter. They tend to act this way when a cell inside dies.
  6. That's a code for a bad TPS sensor 1 on an NNBS. You have two right along with drive by wire?
  7. Well, the Tech2 is not a one time use tool. You'd use it for this repair and for many many more. If your scan tools can see all the functions of the 4WD system, what are they telling you?
  8. Whether the front axle is engaged or not has no bearing on tire wear. The AUTO setting is a safety feature, the front axle is engaged but nearly all power is to the rear axle unless the computers sense the need for some to be transferred up front. My manual has no warnings about not using it for extended periods but common sense says the more one uses something, the more quickly it will wear out. Having said that, what is the expected lifespan of a front differential engaged and not engaged? I sometimes miss the simplicity of the manual levers!
  9. *Tires* KO2 vs DuraTrac vs Other Brands?

    My pleasure! I've driven on Daytona Beach at 50 psi with no issues but of course it's pretty flat.
  10. Chit chat

    The problem with the school system is spiritual. Over one hundred years ago the heads of the various teachers unions and organizations declared as their goal not to teach the three Rs but to turn America's children into robots, known today as Social Justice Warriors. They do not know how to think critically or for themselves, they've been trained to disrespect traditional authority but blindly obey the teachers and teachings of statism. The solution for this is to take the money and power away and make it local, a parents' responsibility to educate their children on their own dime and not confiscate the wealth of others to do it. It's a lie that there's not enough money in education. It's just a ploy for more and more money as they are in actuality money-laundering operation; taking taxpayer dollars and using them to elect big government statists and indoctrinate, not educate our children.
  11. Why not hook the truck up to a Tech2 and find out in seconds what is wrong with it??? An advanced scan tool is as important as a set or wrenches and sockets for without it, one may lose precious time and hard-earned money trying to find out the hard way.
  12. Now why don't our trucks have that suspension? Or the SEAL Teams? I could sure get through rush our traffic a lot quicker with a rig like that!
  13. All of the Gen V truck engines V8 have AFM, such is common knowledge. These are the L83, L8B and L86.
  14. Truck stolen!... Update!

    In the end, things worked out for the better, glad to hear it! And glad to hear that you didn't lose a gear or your brakes and didn't jack-nife on that Monteagle grade back to Tennessee!
  15. Certainly true, I found them for much less and in better condition in Kentucky and the Carolinas. Mine came from North Carolina and it was worth the drive to go get it. The closest truck I found in town did have low mileage and was 4WD but someone had keyed one side, it needed hubs and the interior was rough and they wanted $20k for it, a '09 Suburban LT. The repairs alone to make it decent would have cost $10K.

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