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  1. 5.3 Valve Timing ?

    Different engines and years had different camshafts. Please be more specific.
  2. Wheel and Tire Change: Recal Needed?

    That's the way it works on the older trucks. The dealer should be able to reprogram your computer for your new tire size, type and pressure. Of course you're going to lose ride quality when going to a taller wheel with a shorter sidewall.
  3. Ok, I thought that your explanation even applied to the GMT900s as well but we are still able to add things.
  4. You'll need a tune to turn off the downstream O2 sensors. The Tech2 is GMs diagnostic scan tool from 1996-2013. You either know someone with one or go buy one, prices have come way down now that GM has moved to a different system for the newer cars.
  5. That's usually ignition. Get yourself a Tech2 and find out the problem in minutes. In the meantime, check your coils, plugs and wires and what code is causing your CEL to come on?
  6. Anyone with a laptop and GMs MDI system should be able to flash the module from Tis2Web with a 3-day subscription. People have done it with the Tech2 on the GMT900s so why not the latest?
  7. Gotta have the codes to get started. What state or city do you live? There might be someone from these forums with a scan tool that could help.
  8. I dreamed of the Banks and Gear Vendors back then! While the 7.3 pulled more than the Cummins, it couldn't run much faster than the speed limit at the time. Ours had a ZF 5-Speed with 5.13 Gears. Sorry to hear about that. The old Ford 302s and 351s were great truck engines as well. My '96 F-150 with the 302 averaged 12mpg with 30x9.5x15 tires spending much of the day idling from 6am to 3pm. Most folks are all for advanced technology but weary of complexity as it is usually anathema to reliability.
  9. Even bigger, I had an '88 F-SuperDuty Hot Shot with the naturally aspirated 7.3 International. In 1990 we added the 1-ton Dodge Cummins' to the fleet. Even though they couldn't tow as much they got over twice the mileage. Well, those are the terms folks used thirty years ago. You get the extra cubes/power while under boost. Call it what you like. God's Word says to love your wife. So do it.
  10. We have trucks to hauls stuff around and get around in places that cars cannot. The best engine for the job is a V8 for its simplicity and torque without resorting to turbos and superchargers (artificial displacement). I know all about V6 Turbos from thirty years ago and we go them to exceed the performance of the famous 454s and 455s but I'd never think to put one in a truck and haul a horse trailer, travel trailer, whatever and expect it to hold up over time. I haven't heard but I reckon those Ford's spend a lot of time under boost to get the job done. As the old saying goes, there's no replacement for displacement! Eventually your lemon will run of things needing to be fixed. Endure or get another one.
  11. Transmission compatibility between years

    Give the phone back to your Dad young lady.
  12. And for those diabetics with their sugars not under control, their eyes (vision) have good days and bad. Days when they see normal and days when they can't see to well. If you drink two cups of black coffee every morning and then shoot, you obviously train to operate under those conditions. If you add a third cup or take away a cup, it can affect your shooting.
  13. What do you carry for your CCW?

    I thought the G19 was introduced as a 2nd Gen model in 1988? What caused you to switch carry pieces?
  14. You're quite fortunate. The problem with E-85 nowadays is that we have no idea what the alcohol content is. It can lawfully be anywhere from 51% to 83% and still be called E-85 or Flex Fuel. I've tried it several times and my mileage was all over the place as the alcohol content was different every time (measured by my Tech2). The people at the stations haven't any idea what it is so it's not worth messing with unless there's a hurricane headed my way again.
  15. Cheating neighbors

    I see the communists have showed up. Anyway, what is a valid contract? Are you willing to spend money to enforce this contract between you and your neighbor? Pray the Lord recompense them for their evil and maybe they'll reconsider when their dreams of putting in a giant pool or mini golf course fade away when they realize how much those will cost.

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