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  1. Sorry to hear of your plight Rob. Low octane fuels generally speaking cost more to use. They deliver lower fuel economy and lacking the additives that benefit the fuel system and valvetrain, do not contribute to an engine's longevity. You want to see a difference in performance, engine idle, mileage, etc. run 91/93 and never look back. And if you have a yellow gas cap, don't deprive your motor the pure enjoyment of running E85. If cheap enough, it costs less per mile to run than gas.
  2. BF Goodrich KO2s. They shed water and mud and whatever gets in them very well, flooding my running boards with mud or sand or whatever, need mud guards now. The truck does not budge an inch doing 80 mph in heavy rain. Running the Load Range C on mine to save weight, they are 45 lbs versus the 38 lbs for oem tires and 50 lbs for Load Range E. Ride is nice and noise is minimal, air noise is louder on the highway. Have had them on for less than 10k miles thus far.
  3. For a thirteen year old truck the drums should probably be replaced. Some shops might still be around to turn them if they are still within spec but it is less expensive and time consuming to get new ones. My preference has been OEM or Bendix. Replace the hardware too.
  4. 2012

    LY2 and L20 never had AFM. Junior could supercharge his 4.8 and be happy with the simplicity of the WT.
  5. Park brake

    We're supposed to use a giant caliper and measure the inside diameter of the hat and adjust the shoes so they are .6604mm less in size.
  6. I used to be a tire guy. You can get away with rotating the tires the way most places and your dealer does it but you can get more miles out of them by following the owner's manual. This way will also wear them more even if they did get cupped. Flat spots come from prolonged sitting or locking up the brakes. Sometimes a healthy burnout can fix those tires! If the belts are getting stressed it's time to replace the tires. Down here in the south, Florida, tires are pretty well dry rotted after 4 years if our shell rock roads let them live that long.
  7. I vaguely remember the same arguments people made near thirty years ago and my experience proves otherwise. The Radial T/A was updated with a new tread in the early 1990s which is the same used today. It was awesome then as now, no need to change it. The sipes in the C shaped tread block ship water/dirt/mud out very well. There's a huge difference between my KO2s and Rugged Trails, the former fills my running boards up with mud or sand or water many times over what the latter used to do. So much so mud guards are on my list of things to do now. Traction in the rain has to do with tread design. I've had soft tires like the Eagle GT that spin at 45 mph while the Radial T/As offer 60-foot times that rival slicks. Been there done that and thought I'd share my experiences with these tires Tyler. I've even raced on the KO2s but have only made three easy passes, it had been over twenty years since my last.
  8. You need a scan tool like the Tech2 to read those internal codes. Could be a brake switch.
  9. CIRCUIT/SYSTEM TESTING P0171 or P0174 Allow the engine to reach operating temperature. With the engine running, observe the affected Long Term FT parameter with a scan tool. The value should be less than approximately 20 percent with the engine running at operating temperature.  If the value is not less than 20 percent, inspect for the following:  With the ignition ON and the engine OFF, observe the manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor parameter. The MAP sensor pressure should be within the range specified for your altitude. Refer to Altitude Versus Barometric Pressure .  Refer to DTC P0106 if the MAP sensor does not indicate the correct barometric pressure.  With the engine idling, observe the mass air flow (MAF) sensor parameter. The MAF sensor parameter should be within 2-6 g/s at idle.  Refer to DTC P0101 or P1101 or DTC P0102 or P0103 if the MAF sensor parameter is not within 2-6 g/s at idle.  Vacuum hoses for splits, kinks, and improper connections-Refer to Emission Hose Routing Diagram .  Insufficient fuel in the tank  Low fuel pressure-Refer to Fuel Pump Electrical Circuit Diagnosis .  Fuel contamination-Refer to Evaporative Emission System Diagnosis .  Malfunctioning fuel injectors-Refer to Fuel Injector Diagnosis (w/J39021 or Tech 2) or Fuel Injector Diagnosis (w/CH47976) .  Missing, loose, or leaking exhaust components from the HO2S forward-Refer to Symptoms - Engine Exhaust .  Vacuum leaks at the intake manifold, the throttle body, and the injector O-rings  The air induction system and the air intake ducts for leaks or for a missing air filter element  A cracked EVAP canister  Evaporative pipes obstructed or leaking-Refer to Fuel Hose/Pipes Routing Diagram .  The crankcase ventilation system for leaks  The HO2S for improper installation and for electrical wires or connectors that may have contacted the exhaust system  The HO2S signal circuit open, shorted to ground, or shorted to the low reference circuit  Malfunctioning engine components-Refer to Symptoms - Engine Mechanical .
  10. 2013 GMC SIERRA 5.3 lifter issue

    The dealership was being lazy if only one cylinder is down. Someone mentioned an L83 but isn't a 2013 a GMT900 with the LC9 or LMG? Anyhow, if you're going to remove the AFM hardware you're going to need a tune. Crane and Cam Motion have camshafts that make plenty of power and do not require new valve springs which will save you time and money. Decide whether or not you're going to keep VVT or delete it too. A tech2 is another important tool no man with a GMT800-900 should be without.
  11. So did the OP change his battery out yet? Born and raised in Florida, no battery ever lasted more than two years until very recently, now we replace them every three. Have gotten six years out of one AC Delco original equipment battery. It's replacements didn't last a year each. Heat is no friend of reliability.
  12. What AR "style" 308 would you buy?

    An original, early production (1950s) ArmaLite AR-10 with the 3-prong flash hider.
  13. GM vs AC Delco vs all others

    I prefer a box with GM part numbers, then AC Delco OE, then AC Delco Professional if I have to stoop so low. My Timken hub looks like the OE hub, right down to the plastic colors for the ABS, I reckon GM uses them for the hubs so buy direct and save.
  14. Lazy. Supposed to cross the front as they go to the rear not crossing them on the way up front, that can lead to tire pulls.
  15. Did anyone mention Torque Management? This is what makes the motor feel like a dog off the line. Maybe these new ones don't have it like the previous. Anyhow, get a BlackBear tune and never look back.

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