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  1. No joke! It's always the little things ... I'm going to the dealer soon and I'll ask about this. Hello fellow Charlestonian.
  2. Damn mine looks the same as yours. Are you planning on doing anything? I've considered taking a wire wheel on a drill to the frame under the truck and then painting with POR-15 but I dunno if it's worth the hassle.
  3. What company and how much? I have a 2014 and would love android auto. Can you post if it works OK? Thanks.
  4. Hello, I have a 2014 Silverado LT. Whenever I get or make a phonecall, the screen in the instrument gauge changes to the phone screen. After the phonecall, it stays there and I have to manually change it back to where I had it. Is there a way to stop this from changing? It's driving me nuts because I get or make a few phone calls during my commute each day and have to change it back to vehicle information after each one. Thanks. p.s. haven't been to dealership in a while, maybe there's a firmware upgrade??
  5. I have a 2014, How can I go from halogen to LED? Thx
  6. My weathertech mats have been great. They never slide around like someone else said and they cover the carpet floor very well. Nothing but good things to say here. Just my two cents. I have bench seat though so the front mat goes all the way across maybe that helps them not slide.
  7. I did mine this past weekend. I didn't cut the plastic tether nor did I understand how someone would even cut it, I just had to slide mine down a bit then the new A pillar fit fine.
  8. I bought my 2014 a few weeks ago, 50k miles, it was bought new up North before me. I didn't even think to look under the truck until this past weekend. The whole frame is rusted or spotted with rust. Wondering what I should do about it if anything... I didn't buy it at a Chevy dealership, but could I take it to one to see what they say? It's not a new truck so I dunno if TSB or whatever applies, haha.
  9. Wonder why they make you buy a tool? My VW just had an option in the car's settings.
  10. Tires are LT275/70R18. Thanks guys. I'll look at the front shock after work.
  11. Hey all, bought a '14 1500 LT and it's pretty high off the ground. I think it has some kind of lift kit or something. Can I measure it and find out? The springs are just black but I didn't look too closely because it was raining yesterday. Thanks. What do y'all think does this look stock?
  12. Thanks, that's what I figured but wanted someone to confirm.
  13. Dang ok. I wonder why the outlines wouldn't match up, ah well, thanks. I'll probably just stick to the hooks that go on the inside of the bed so it's easier.

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