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  1. I'm told order open date is 31 July here in Canada so I'll just need to look at rebates and jump in or wait
  2. The rebates are locked i at the point of order, if they change by the point of delivery you are given the choice to take the original or newer rebates.
  3. I'm kind of kicking myself, my deal was $10,500 off MSRP in incentives give or take then another $5000+ off to get down to dead plus $500. Resale doesn't bother me much if at all.
  4. So, I went in and 2 hours later my perfect truck was priced out and it's in budget so all good. The next morning I got the text that the order window was actually closed :-( There are no CCLB gas black trucks in Western Canada. I was starting to think I should just get a 6'6" bed but I saw a Dodge HD CCLB in black at my kids daycare parking lot and it reminded me that I should hold out for what I want. I guess I'll have to wait for a 2018 and see how much more it will cost me ... Maybe the incentives will be OK
  5. I am planning on the 20's that are an option on the SLE. I've had 18 and 20's on my last two trucks and haven't noticed much difference even in tire cost. I did see that insuring a 3500 Would save me $150 a year
  6. Thursday is ordering day and I'm pretty set on black but knowing the way it'll show up swirls etc I'm trying to convince myself to look at other colour choices. Finding pics of 2017 CCLB's is proving tricky so I thought I'd ask if anyone has pics they could share?
  7. found a link http://www.gmc.com/gmc-life/trucks/trailering-enhancements-for-sierra.html
  8. I saw it on the GM family first build site (the USA version), it's a long description under electronic accessories but it's made by Echo or something and costs $999
  9. Thanks for the replies. I've met the salesman I'll be dealing with and he seemed very low pressure so I'm not concerned about that side of things I just like to know all I can going in :-) I think I need to stop overthinking it and just get it done I just didn't want to order a truck and find out I needed some special camera wire or something.
  10. I'm going in next week to, hopefully, start the order on a factory build 2018. I'm after a 2500 crew long bed 4x4 mainly because I'll be towing a 33' trailer that I'm building and secondly because I like the long bed look and with two children the crew cab looks like a great choice. (employee price through a friend). I'm keen on the SLE spec'd with HD SLE preferred package plus, tow mirrors, 20" 5 spokes, leather bench seats, under seat storage and 4" tube assist steps. I'm going to miss out on the upgraded Bose audio and a heated steering wheel which slightly sucks but it's OK. K, so I read online about the wireless tow camera but can't find much about it and I like to be prepared going in to the dealership. I'm looking for usability info and an idea of how much it might cost and possibly whether it actually needs to be installed right away or if it can be fitted later? I'm also planning on black paint and could do with being talked down from the ledge....

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