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  1. Has anyone found a black Z71 brake light cover for a 2016?
  2. Ive managed to black out everything on my midnight edition. I started plasti-dipping the emblems and such to cover the tiny bit of chrome. The only thing left, is the lug nuts. i thought about dipping those too, but realized it would probably be pointless, since the coating would rub off when loosening/tightening them.
  3. Agreed. I work in downtown Houston. As soon as i leveled it, i had to remove my antenna.
  4. Same here. If I can distinctly see the drivers face in the mirrors, i tend to back off. However, if you cut me off, i have no sympathy.
  5. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/204368-strange-noise-coming-from-driver-side-tire-assembly/ Check out this thread
  6. I love my sliding window. Being from Houston, the sliding window makes it easier to flick off the horrible drivers behind me. I have limo tint on rear glass, so i have to open the window to get my point across!
  7. Ahh yes. i see. Bummer. Just curious, how many miles did you have when you noticed the problem?
  8. Is the truck out of warranty? Is the truck out of warranty?
  9. I could definitely feel it on the pedals too. That was one of the reasons why i felt like it needed to be dealt with immediately. Of course the noise was the number one reason. Definitely on the slow stopping. And accelerating too.
  10. Well the 1500s are notorious for squeaky leaf springs. I hear mine all the time, but it doesnt bother me all too much. The dealer will just grease them up and tell you to come back for more grease when the squeaking returns. To confirm it is the leaf springs, I have heard others say to wet down the under carriage near the leaf springs and then take it for a test drive to see if the noise is lessened.
  11. Ahh i was gonna say... sounds like the same dealer. I had trouble getting a loaner, so i was forced to take the shuttle downtown. I dropped mine off at 7:00 am and they had it finished at 3:00 pm. Best of luck with yours.
  12. That makes me feel better about knowing the leveling kit did not cause the problem. I was worried about the dealer not covering the new shocks since I had the level kit installed by a Custom Off Road shop. I was very courteous and respectful with the dealer because i knew they could say I voided the warranty by having someone else install the level kit. In the end, they covered it completely.
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