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  1. My 2017 3.6L Colorado Thread

    I hit 10K miles on Tuesday. No complaints so far. Scratches have happened off roading has been a pleasure it is comfortable for long trips at 60 mph on flat ground I can average 28-30 mpg's. I have popped the front drivers side tire I am still happy that I bought tis truck and not the 1500. - PRESTON
  2. My 2017 3.6L Colorado Thread

    Well, I am just about ready to hit 9K miles. I cancelled the extended warranty I purchased on the truck. I read the fine print and found out that the truck has to have oil changes done every 5k to keep the engine in warranty for that company. So I saved myself $3K and they should be crediting me back soon. I can't remember if I have already stated this, but there seems to be a little annoying rattle on the drivers side defrost vent. It really only shows itself when the paved roads are a little rough. I am not letting it bother me anymore. Oh yeah, the truck seems to lean a little bit. You can only tell if you look at the rear of it, and you can see it lean towards the drivers side. Weird, it has done this since new. Thanks - P
  3. My 2017 3.6L Colorado Thread

    Thanks for the info, I can't remember if I had it in Tow/Haul when I was pulling that trailer. I just hit 7,600 miles. I took the boys hunting last weekend, and drove through some pretty rough trails. Trees, branches and sticks hit the paint and left some little scratches. Oh well.......
  4. My 2017 3.6L Colorado Thread

    Well, today I hit 7K miles on the truck. My oil percentage was at 7% so i have an appointment for my first oil change tomorrow at the Chevy dealer.
  5. Post pics of your 2015+

    Drove in the mountains this last weekend.
  6. My 2017 3.6L Colorado Thread

    I drove up some mountain trails this last weekend. There were quiet a few sketchy places I was worried about taking the truck, but it made it through all at the ruts, and steep grades. I was impressed at how well the truck handled and made it through.
  7. Post pics of your 2015+

    I drove mine out in the hills and mountains yesterday. Thought I would snap a few pics. - Preston
  8. My 2017 3.6L Colorado Thread

    Loaded up the Colorado on Saturday to move the sister-in-law. Handled pretty good. Averaged about 17 mpg's on the highway. The trailer is not aerodynamically friendly. The front boards on the trailer create a lot of resistance. I just wish that it would automatically down shift when applying the brake on decents, instead I have to put in "L" and manually do it. Not a big deal though. -Preston
  9. My 2017 3.6L Colorado Thread

    Went fishing yesterday in the truck, and then went on some gravel roads with it. I am so happy driving this truck off road versus my F-250 I had. Being not as wide and a little shorter makes it easier to maneuver on the trails. Today I took the boys scouting for Coyotes. Heard to two them howling/barking this morning, and found a bunch of scat in one spot. Now I know where to setup next time. Roads were pretty rough where I was, but nothing the truck couldn't handle. I am still contemplating taking off the air dam. But since I drive so many miles per week I think I will leave it one until it looks like S*#& from all the rough trails, then maybe take it off. I will have to get some pictures next time I am out on the trails. Just about to hit 6k miles.
  10. My 2017 3.6L Colorado Thread

    Well, I will be racking up some more miles this weekend. I have to move my sister in law up to Moses Lake from Moxee. Ugh ........ I am gonna take the tilt bed trailer, but at least I will be in a comfortable ride. Then Sunday morning, I am going to take it off road to scout for Coyotes.
  11. My 2017 3.6L Colorado Thread

    No, I havent done anything to the truck yet. All those plans with the Bed Armor, and Bed cap have been put on hold for awhile. You and I must be the same situation as far as driving the hell out of our trucks.
  12. My 2017 3.6L Colorado Thread

    Well, yesterday I hit the 5,000 mile marker. At 5,300 miles today. Did 370 miles yesterday, went up a lot of mountain passes, drove great. I am not missing my Ford like I thought I would, going from 700 ft/lbs of torque to 275 ft/lbs of torque.

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