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  1. I noticed the same thing when I was at my dad's house a few weeks ago. Was trying to park behind another vehicle on his driveway and found it really difficult to control while backing up, just as you described.
  2. AFAIK everything 14+ is identical.
  3. I had my '14 for three years before I traded it in and never had an issue, so there are definitely some gem used vehicles around! Just take it for a 70-80mph test drive.
  4. This is normal. I had the same question about my '14 when I had it as I was seeing the voltage needle drop down occasionally. The alternator doesn't put out a constant 14V. When it senses sufficient charge it will drop toward 12V. I was told that as long as it's within the normal operating range bar on the gauge its fine. Encountered it only a few months after purchase and I drove it for three years after with no issues.
  5. I had to drive about 450km (300mi) when I swapped out my '14 for my '17. Route is pretty flat, and I sat on the speed limit with cruise control on in both directions. My '14 had a leveling kit, and the new one doesn't. That being the only difference, mileage on the new truck was almost 12% better. Went from 11.9 l/100km on the way down to 10.5 l/100km on the way back (19.77 to 22.4 mpg). If a leveling kit makes that much of a difference, can only imagine what a full lift with tires would do...
  6. Brought a new truck home

    I test drove a CC F-150 Lariat last weekend just for sh*ts. The space is in the second row is absurd; feel like there's more room back there than in the front! Flat floor really helps too. Was impressed, but the preferred pricing discount I get on GM products through work means I probably won't be switching any time soon.
  7. From the looks of this it appears that there may be two fasteners/clips on the bottom side of the insert. Can you see anything from under/inside?
  8. Automatic Car Washes

    Doesn't have to be! One of these really changes the game: http://www.autogeek.net/dp-turbo-car-dryer.html
  9. Automatic Car Washes

    Again speaking as a former detailer, I can tell you that almost all dealerships do an AWFUL job cleaning vehicles. There's a running joke in the detailing community about DIS = Dealer Installed Swirls. I was walking around a Ford showroom today and was shocked to see how bad the paint was on a lot of the vehicles.
  10. Automatic Car Washes

    Speaking as a former detailer and someone who's spent a lot of time doing paint correction for washing induced swirls, I can tell you that ANY time you wash a vehicle in a non-touchless manner you're adding scratches. The brushes at coin washes are the worst, the brush rolls in an automatic wash are probably a little better. Best way to perform a (nearly) damage-free wash is to pressure wash very thoroughly and then do a two-bucket wash (with grit guards) from top to bottom. Ideally you have two wash mitts, one that only ever touches the top 2/3 of the vehicle and one that only ever touches the bottom 1/3. Avoid hand drying whenever possible. The only way to not scratch the paint is the not wash the vehicle.
  11. I went from a 2014 SLT to a 2017 SLE and I also find the AFM system works much better. No perceivable noise/shudder and it seems to spend a lot more time in V4 than it did before.
  12. I'm going to be waiting until GM adds port injection to the Ecotec V8s and mates them to the 10L80 transmissions. Will swap out my current truck for an SLT CC at that point. Tried the double cab this time around but it's too small even for my groceries.
  13. Ok, that's fair assuming you're taking a high-interest loan to buy out the residual. I bought both of mine out with cash.

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