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  1. Pictures of the dogs that protect your truck

    Sid started by guarding the Canyon as a pup Then he started guarding the trails only Blazer His favourite though is patrolling the neighborhood in the Denali The only black and chrome thing he likes more than the Denali is the BBQ.
  2. some more options for the forgetful if you forget rope if you forget the saw if you forget your truck if you forget that there's storage space under that pretty tonneau cover
  3. I wonder if They'll add a QR code reader into the my gmc app now, seems like they almost have to.
  4. dealer can check, they have a tool that will even show the serial number of the tpms, I saw a video where they were using it to prove ownership when recovering stolen wheels.
  5. so was the ticking from the loose clamp and the overall vibration from the entire exhaust rattling around? like after a year someone found the 10mm socket under the couch in the waiting room and used it to tighten a single bolt on an exhaust clamp to solve all that? wow.
  6. I couldn't find any tires i liked with white letters in a size that would fit, 33x12.5x20 couldn;t find any white letters, i think there's just not enough sidewall because you can get the white letters in the same brand/styles i was looking at for 18' and smaller wheels, or 35" and over tires. Definitely like to see what you guys are finding though.
  7. Hey Guys, I'm hoping to find a 1.5"-2" body lift kit for my 2017. I know most of the kit for the 2014-2015 trucks is the same but not sure about the bumper brackets? The only body lift kit I've seen that says it fits the 2017's is a 3" from performance accessories and it says it's for 2014 to 2017, too tall for me, and again leave s the question of if the bumper brackets are any different between the years. Anyone done a body lift on a 2017 yet? I don;t want a 3" even if it is compatible due to too much gap between the bumper and hitch and the tow hook relocate. Hoping to find a 1.5" kit, anyone seen one or made one of the old ones work? Thanks, Ian.
  8. Thanks, I've since removed the air dam, tinted the front windows to match the back and added a sunstrip, added inchannel window visors, and installed the MIT tube with a k&n drop in, also added a BAK rollx tonneau and added a small subwoofer to flll out the sound a bit more. I've driven it about 12,000km's in the last 2 months, pretty happy with it so far.
  9. the led signature lighting turns off on just the side an active turn signal is on... yuck. I guess it's better than the Chryslers that have their headlight on that side turn of, I always think they're driving around with burnt out lights.
  10. you just need to enable the screen in the settings. on your dic screen, scroll to options then to info, push right, then there's a list of the available screens, the offroad one is unchecked by default just scroll down and check it off.
  11. Hey

    Thanks guys, I think it looks even better in person, I keep catching folks checking it out wherever I go and getting lots of random comments and thumbs up from strangers. Never got that in the Canyon with similar mods ;) For the longest time i only bought black, because nothing looks as nice when it's all polished up, took a chance on the white (so i could quit my unpaid part time detailing job, heh) and couldn't be happier. I used to think white would make it look like a fleet truck but I don;t get that feeling now.
  12. Hey

    Hi Everyone, Just swapped my Black 2015 Canyon (which i really liked) for a White 2017 Sierra (which i like even more). It's got the z71 and Kodiak packages and so far I've added a 2.5" level, 305/55R20 Duratracs, 1.5" spacers and the gm borla exhaust, I've got an appointment for tint and and airaid mit in the mail. Really liking how it's coming together already. I've been looking (unsuccessfully) for a hidden winch mount as well, I've got a Warn VR12000 sitting in a box waiting to go, but I don;t want to just hang it of the front all willy nilly and don't want to buy a massive offroad steel bumper. so love to hear some options. Anyways, here it is as it sits now.
  13. Hi Guys, This is my first post here, so many nice white trucks in this thread. Here's mine, I just picked it up yesterday, so far I have a 2.5" level, 305/55R20 Duratrac's on stock 20's with a 1.5" spacer and the GM Borla exhaust, lovin' the truck so far. Goes for front tint and sunstrip on thursday and airaid mit should be delivered by the weekend.

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