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  1. no offense, but if the passenger side is factory, this looks like a downgrade to me.
  2. replaced part is covered for lifetime (if done at the dealership), labour will be extra if it fails again. http://www.chevrolet.com/certified-service/parts-warranty
  3. if you're under 36k miles it's covered under bumper to bumper, unfortunately the entire fuel system is specifically excluded from the powertrain warranty.
  4. there was a recall on some of the fuel pumps in 2014's recently: https://gm.oemdtc.com/7620/13370a-product-emission-recall-fuel-pump-pressure-regulator-replacement-2014-chevrolet-silverado-gmc-sierra check your vin to see if it was affected, i mean, the dealer probably did already, but it's free to doublecheck https://my.gm.com/recalls You've got to drop the gas tank to swap it, huge pain in the ass imho, I'd pay someone to do it.
  5. location of that ground point is on page 254 here https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/474/2014 BBM Electrical section_10_18_2013_WIP.pdf if you're still waiting and want to kill some time.
  6. could be a grounding issue at the g121 grounding point, that's the ground for fuel pump driver control and fuel composition sensor, or do you have aftermarket rear turn signals by chance?
  7. the salt and brine they use on the roads up here will rust the heck out of any unpainted metal in no time. And I suppose I've had the rail dust on all my other vehicles too, just this is my first white one, All my other trucks are/have been black or red and I've never noticed the freckles on them. to be honest i don't see them on any of the other white vehicles in the parking lot at work either which is odd since they all drive on the same roads i do to get here. anyways, if a hundred bucks and an hour and a half will fix it I'm good.
  8. this is the way i was leaning after some quick googling, already booked in for monday. my only worry is that the sealant won't cure well since as soon as i roll out of the detail shop into the salt and brine covered roads it's gonna be covered in crap and ice cold. Guy tells me he only needs an hour and a half to get all that rail dust and other crap out, polish wax and seal it. regarding financial situation, the cost of a detail won;t make or break me, not even close, but even if i didn't have a lot to spare this would probably still be the correct route, would be silly to let a nice new truck rust out for want of a good cleaning.
  9. ok, so sounds like it's not tooooo big a deal to fix up. The only downside is it's very winter up here in the great white north and will be for a few more months, I don;t have a heated garage to work in so spending 4 hours claying is probably going to be a prescription to losing a few more fingertips since you can't do it with mittens on. it was -25c the other day which is -13f it's warmer (relatively) now but still not ideal for this kind of work. I guess for the clay bar I can keep some hot water out (it should stay hot a least a few minutes at a time i hope) to dip the clay in to let it fold etc. compound will probably take a lot longer to break down as well, anyone recommend a sealant that cures relatively fast in the cold? or even better a full very cold weather detail product list/method?
  10. So I noticed today that my 6 month old 2017 white sierra is developing Freckles. looks like tiny rust spots all down both sides and on the front bumper. When i saw the first bits it was on the door and i thought, oh no, maybe my tires have thrown rocks n stuff up and dug right through the clear and paint etc to the metal and now it's rusting, but as i looked harder there is tiny rust spots forming over most of the truck, including places where there is no chance of road debris hitting, and parts that aren't even metal underneath, like the door trim and the pillar post sticker things. Whole truck is looking like crap now and it's not even a year old. I'm able to rub some of the spots out so it seems like it might just be rail dust in the clear coat, anyone have any thoughts on this? is it covered under warranty? Is it something i can fix myself if not? pretty much new truck looks like a fat irish kid now, not impressed at all.
  11. well, this thread got about zero interest, but for anyone chasing this in the future, i did find the g102 ground loose as well, I tightened it up as well as all the other grounds, everything is now back as it should be.
  12. the g80 will lock up whenever your rear wheels are not spinning at the same speed, traction control will just make that less likely to happen. it's engages hard as a nice gentle rub to engage would generate a lot of heat, not give you the instant traction you need at that point, and really shorten the life of it. Your truck has 4 main features for traction, your tires, 4wd, traction control, and that g80. So if you're driving in 2wd and start to slip, traction control engages, shows a light on the dash, and the vehicle performs sounds differently, if you still don;t have traction at the rear tires, the g80 will lock up to get both rear tires spinning. this is a good sign that you need less gas pedal, or to move to 4wd. if you're in 4wd, and you start to lose traction, traction control kicks in, if you're still not getting traction the g80 locks up, if you still don;t have traction, you need less gas pedal, if you're already hardly on the gas you need better tires tires or chains or to pull over and and wait out the ice storm you're in. as for the clunk in the transmission, doesn't seem normal to me. I've only driven a 5.3 with the 8speed a few times and it didn;t do it. our 6.2 with the 8speed doesn;t do it. and our 5.3 with the 6 speed doesn't do it. take it to the dealer until they fix it, if that dealer won;t work with you goto a different one and let the first one know you'll be not returning a "very satisfied" survey when it arrives. you can totally be upset about whatever you want, but knowing what's going on gives you less things to be upset about.
  13. Traction control is not responsible for your 'loud bang' when driving in the snow in 2wd. that's your G80 locking up. Traction control is computer controlled brake and throttle adjustments to help prevent loss of traction. The G80 is a mechanical device which locks up the rear axles when theres a difference in how fast the rear wheel are spinning. you had g80 kick in because traction control was off and you were in 2wd in conditions that clearly warranted traction control and/or 4wd or at least auto. read your manual, learn how the toy you spent so much on works, you'll be happier, safer, and your equipment will last longer.
  14. well, i think/hope i found it. I checked out the electrical diagram from gmupfitter.com https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/761/Sierra_Silverado_Electrical_Body_Builders_Manual_Service_Manual_2017_en_US.pdf and found all the affected things do share a ground, just not the one i thought, it's G102 which is on the passenger frame rail in front of the lower rad support. at least it's only -10C today, good day to crawl in the salt and tighten that up, hope it fixes it.
  15. Hey guys, I'm having some trouble with my passenger side headlight assemblyon my 2017 sle. I wanted to check if you guys had any ideas before I goto the dealership. Over the last couple weeks I noticed that the headlight was starting to cut out quickly on some bumps. Then yesterday it cut out completely and the turn signal and led signature light did too ( but not the amber corner) I also got a check engine light for the active grille shutters (it's been -20c or colder the last bit) anyways, I figured his wasn't a coincidence and checked he grounds, I found the one on the frame behind the passenger tire loose, I jiggled it, and the light came on, Soni blasted it with some wd40, and tightened er up and all was well, cel went out after a few starts, lights all started working proper, perfect. So this morning I start up the truck and entire headlight assembly is out again, nothing has loosened off etc. Any ideas? Thanke, Ian

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