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  1. And I'm not having to send in my TCM to HPTuners. It's an AutoCal tune. I'll be posting all of the details and results once it's finalized. Could take close to a month to get all of the pieces in place, parts purchased, install done, etc. Sorry, I realize this was off-topic for this thread, but I wanted to clarify a bit before I got tons of replies saying that they already knew abut HPTuners doing the 2017 8-speed.
  2. In late July of 2017 I bought a 2017 Sierra SLT CC Texas Edition 6.2L 2WD with vented seats and the Bose stereo for $38,550 from Hiley GMC in Forth Worth, TX. I then had it shipped to Southern California for $975. Never even stepped foot in a dealership. I worked with an AMAZING salesman named Robert Olson. Getting a TVS1900 and tune (ECM and TCM) done within the month. I know how to get the 2017 8-speed TCM tune done, but I can't spill the beans yet. I'm not 100% sure what the differences are between the Texas Edition versus a regular Sierra. I knew that the only four must-haves for me were crew cab, the 6.2L engine, vented seats, and Bose stereo, so I just searched the country for the lowest priced one I could find.
  3. Similar thread from a while ago with TSBs in it. See: http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/202425-new-8-speed-software-update/page-1 16-NA-411 for a 6.2L with an 8-speed 16-NA-412 for a 5.3L with an 8-speed 16-NA-019 I'm not sure what this one is for
  4. In reply to myself (because who else is going to read this year old thread?), I figured out how to use just the key and NOT have the alarm chirp and/or go off. 1) Turn the ignition off with all of the doors closed 2) With all of the doors still closed, hit the lock button on the driver's door to lock all of the doors (the one where all of the window controls are) 3) Open the driver's door by using the door handle (you of course have to pull it twice) 4) Close the door and lock the door from the outside with just the key When you return and use just the key, there will be no horn from the alarm.
  5. I also cannot get just the key to lock all four doors. It will only lock the driver's door. I recently bought a 2017 CC SLT, and I'm trying to figure out how to use just the key (not key fob) to lock and unlock the doors without having the dang alarm go off. Here's how it goes for me: 1) I have to use just the key (not key fob) to go running or surfing 2) I then have to hit the lock button on the inside of the driver's door twice to lock all of the doors because the key alone will only lock the driver's door from the outside 3) I return to my truck and unlock the driver's door with just the key and the alarm starts chirping until I hit unlock with the key fob that I have to hide under the driver's seat Very annoying! It SHOULD be able to lock and unlock all of the doors from the outside with just the key so the alarm doesn't get set.
  6. Does anyone know if the 2017's will have the same issue, or did they use a different condenser and/or lines?
  7. Tuning a 5.3

    Oh dang, calling Blackbear out. But seriously, lets get some real answers about this "footprint" and "flash counter." Everyone talks about these on NUMEROUS forums as if they are mythological creatures. Exactly where is the flash counter stored? If it is stored on some module, could you just buy a backup module to tune on and swap the modules back and forth? And, as was proposed by JToups386, why wouldn't a tuner company put some serious effort into defeating the flash counter. Seems like they would dominate the market if they cracked it.
  8. A huge YES to that bumper. It'll work perfectly with the size lift you chose. I love spending other people's money
  9. The windows look great! Can you post a pic of the 70% ceramic on the windshield?
  10. So these guys are REALLY able to flash a T87A on a 2017 8-speed using their "Advantage" level package? And they are REALLY able to datalog and adjust a T87A on a 2017 8-speed using their "Elite" level package? Tells us what you know, billytruck!!! =) We need to know what you know Also, I PM'ed you if you are comfortable calling my cell phone to give me some advice. If not, I totally understand.
  11. Lets revive this thread a bit. Has anyone heard of TRIFECTA Performance? They are claiming to be able to tune the 2017 8-speed T87A TCM. My question to them: I have a 2017 GMC Sierra SLT Crew Cab with the 6.2L engine and 8-speed transmission. The big question is "are you able to tune the T87A TCM?" As far as I know, only HP Tuners can get into this TCM. Their response: Thank for your inquiry and interest in TRIFECTA Performance products for your Sierra. Not only can we recalibrate the transmission strategy in T87A based vehicles, we can do it without requiring an 'unlock' like other companies. Our programming takes care of all the shortcomings the truck has from the factory . It will essentially feel the way it should have from the factory, only with more power on tap and a few more custom features to boot: https://www.trifectaperformance.com/forums/store/category/166-62l/ Advantage - Meant for stock, but is automatically compatible with most name brand intakes, and ALL exhaust parts (you can disable codes with ezflash). No datalogging support, however if your car is stock or mostly stock, none is required. Advantage+ - allows speedometer recalibration for aftermarket wheels and tires, and includes a TRIFECTA flash loader. Elite - Full aftermarket hardware support with unlimited data logging. You can swap parts around and we will provide updates for them, as well as fulfill any reasonable requests - Its octane adaptive: Meaning this is not a '93 octane only tune'. This is a full fledged calibration for both he engine and transmission. You can use 87-93 octane as you see fit and the computer will self adjust power output. You will see best gains and MPG on 93 however. - You can flash back to stock at any time using our software. The factory calibration is included with the file we provide you so you can quickly and easily switch from Custom to Factory for any dealer visits - You have Driver Selectable Vehicle Modes: These are custom driving profiles we programmed into the calibration. You switch between them using the Cruise Control button. We include an ECO mode and a Performance mode you can switch back and forth to, on the fly. When CC is On you are in ECO mode. When CC is Off you are in the Performance mode As you can see from the above description, Advantage is for 100% stock vehicles. It does not include any sort of customization to the programming for non-stock parts. Any changes you need done for larger tire/wheels or would fall under the Adv+ package and any other further individualization (intakes, etc) would require an Elite purchase. The package comes with the TRIFECTA EZ Flash cable as part of the purchase price. You use it, to interface a laptop or Windows tablet that you provide, along with our software, to your vehicle and install the calibration. https://www.trifectaperformance.com/forums/store/category/166-62l/
  12. I believe I read in this poll (see below) that all CC are made in Mexico http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/159816-usmexico-build-tally/page-1 I just bought a 2017 Sierra SLT CC 6.2L with vented seats and the Bose stereo for $38,550 from Hiley GMC in Forth Worth, TX. I then had it shipped to Southern California for $975. Never even stepped foot into a dealership. They still have a TON at this price and a little higher. I worked with an AMAZING salesman named Robert Olson.
  13. BigBlueLB756 gave you a great link. There was another post somewhat that specifically addressed this fix with adjustable pedals, however. The person wrote out a whole step-by-step guide focusing on the adjustable pedals...and then there was some sort of back-and-forth fight between posters after that (that's how I remember that post flowing). I CANNOT FIND THAT POST THOUGH AND IT'S DRIVING ME NUTS.
  14. Where is the info of the engine and/or trans being programmed stored? Where is this mystical "flash counter?" If one were to want to tune the transmission, would it possible to buy a spare TCM, tune it, swap it in, and never have a "flash count" stored anywhere. You could then swap the original and tuned TCM if you needed to make a warranty claim.
  15. I just purchased a 2017 Sierra 1500 Crew Cab with a 6.2L, heated/vented seats, Bose stereo, and 2-wheel dive for $38,553 from Hiley GMC in Forth Worth Texas. I suspect the prices will be a bit lower over the coming months, but the selection will get tighter by the day. To keep the price under $40K, I made the sacrifice of giving up 4-wheel drive (my only off roading now is dry dirt and rocks that I've driven for years without ever needing to switch to 4hi), no sunroof (it makes the inside too hot in 110 degree SoCal, and it eliminates the possibility of having some sort of leak or other sunroof problem), no rear sliding window (I hate GM's rear sliding window, Toyota has the best patent ever with their full rear submerging window), and no special electronics like the lane departure or automatic hi-low beam BS. My add-ons at this point will be a Magnuson supercharger, an engine and transmission tune, extra window tint, bed liner, and basic skid plating for the loose rocks I drive on.

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