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  1. Took these this summer, first is a shot from a camping trip in the high country in Montana in June. Next is my road trip camp setup, I call it the Conestoga pickup. Sent from my VK815 using Tapatalk
  2. Just a hiking trip, too early still for deer around here. Sent from my VK815 using Tapatalk
  3. It actually belongs to my neighbor, and he runs a business where he builds them. He lets me borrow it as much as I like, says it's free advertising for him. The roof top tent is made by Tepui, it's got an awning, slide out kitchen, tankless water heater, 30 gallon water tank, a filter system so you can pump and clean stream or lake water, a shower, and a massive cargo hold. Also, it's powered by solar energy. http://www.borderlandtrailers.com/ Sent from my VK815 using Tapatalk
  4. Went camping in the high Uintah mountains of Utah over the weekend, and this happened. Sent from my VK815 using Tapatalk
  5. Oooh you got one of them pretty green ones, I looked and looked for ages to find one but they're rarer than hens teeth out seems. Sent from my VK815 using Tapatalk
  6. The wiring for the third brake light goes down through the driver side tube, and the aftermarket lights can do the very same thing, GM made a provision for them. Sent from my VK815 using Tapatalk
  7. 2014 All-Star edition (basically convenience package plus chrome) with most of the chrome removed and a few things added.
  8. The trick for the roll, I discovered, was to not roll it tightly, but to leave it loose so that I could squish it under the bar. Then it rolls up all the way no problems. I probably will only roll up the cover fully once or twice a year, mostly for firewood in the fall and hauling kids through the campground to the swimming hole, otherwise it'll stay shut.
  9. A few of the fitment issues I dealt with: First, the rail needs to be cut to clearance around the roll bar, and OBVIOUSLY I'm not done yet, I'm going to paint the exposed metal and fill in the gap with silicone caulk. Second, the front mounts of the roll bar interfere with the cover rails, but I loosened the bolts holding the bar down and clamped down real hard (actually I sat on the bar) and retightened the bolts after the rail was installed. If I were to do this again, I would wait to install the bar until I had both the bar and the cover, install the cover first, cutting the rails for the bar supports, also cutting the foam tape on the front mounts before doing the final install of both. Third, the roll gets a little big to fit properly underneath the support bars.
  10. Manifold Breathers

    True, $100 on a $40,000 truck is a small amount, but I'm more interested completely removing the problem v. mitigating the problem.
  11. My 14 just passed 50k with no issues other than it needs rear shocks now and brakes soon, but those are wear items. I think what the OP was going for was worries with the first year of a new model, not all the bugs have been worked out that only show up in the real world. Those kinds of issues are few and far between on these trucks.
  12. Semi truck tires weigh close to 200 lb a tire, but there's no way anything that will fit under a mostly stock chevy will weigh that much, unless it uses a lead carcass for whatever reason.
  13. One of many it seems, with a little google fu. My brother bought a Tundra about the same time I bought my Silverado, and I got to drive it recently, and I have got to say, there is no comparison. Brand loyalty (and the fact I own one) aside, the Silverado is a better riding, more efficient and I think better looking truck. As for being better built, that remains to be seen. But he won't the kind of miles on that I do (16k in 7 months of ownership) so there can't be a direct comparison there. The Silverado shifts smoother, puts the power down much better, and is much quieter than his Tundra. However, his has more room, the front jump seat is usable (if only barely) by an adult, the rear seats have far more room, and the stock exhaust has a better sound than my Chevy (seriously GM, wtf?) Given my experience and putting bias aside, the Chevy is a better truck. And it looks fantastic to boot.
  14. That amount of wiggle room is nothing unusual, my parents 85 Suburban had at least that much play in it, my 99 Yukon has similar play, and my 14 Silverado does that same thing. Nothing to see here from what I can tell. With an empty trailer you'll definitely hear it, but with a properly loaded trailer you shouldn't hear a thing.

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