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  1. FixitNick's Injured 2017 Silverado Z71 Build Project

    This whole thread is awesome. Thanks for sharing the build progress.
  2. All kidding aside though, they did help the stance of the vehicle tremendously. The tires sat flat, and it gave the width that the vehicle needed. Nice upgrade at a reasonable price.
  3. One of my rigs sat kinda funky after a lift kit, and I didn't like the way looked at all. It was "positive camber". (See pic) After I installed the spacers, it was sitting at "zero camber" - Perfect... I assume it had something to do with the interdifferential harmonics of the cluster harness. It probably diluted the fluid between the incumbust pitman arms and the infusion booster. Assuming the harmonics of the custer branch was ..... "fruzy" for lack of a better word.
  4. If you want to stick it to the repair shop, go back and say "it just doesn't feel right, can you double check your work?". My suggestion: Do the alignment yourself. Its easy to do. Google the instructions for a "toe alignment".
  5. Vapor lock?

    Not buy'n it.
  6. Location location location. Its all about where ya are. In some counties, right this very moment - catalytic converters are illegal. In some countries, you would be executed for eating beef, or beef byproducts.. In MANY counties you would be executed for saying the following words: " I do not entirely agree with all of the governments decisions". Be thankful that you are where you are. And WHEN you are for that matter.
  7. Good times man, I like your style. Ya, your trans is probably OK for now, but ease up on breaking the sound barrier. Try to limit your drag racing to hot chicks and douche bags. I would risk a blown transmission on either one, but the rest - meh, let 'em go. You know you can smoke 'em, so there is no need to prove it.
  8. 2002 Silverado rough idle at start up

    I guess we will just have to wait and see.
  9. A brand new windshield is like a magnet for rocks. The last windshield that I had put in got scratched right in my line of sight, a week after it was installed.
  10. 2002 Silverado rough idle at start up

    In an attempt to eliminate the suspected piston slap, I have tried everything. Nothing fixes it. The only surefire way I have found to fix the piston slap is: You guessed it - a block heater. The engine is already warm, so there is no 10-15 seconds of slap. Only problem is that if you use too powerful of one, it can vaporize some of the coolant and cause the engine temp sensor to act up (from the "air pocket").
  11. Why do you chose GM?

    Don't like Ford for some reason - even though I have owned dozens of them. Dodge / Chrysler is junk (especially the transmissions) Imports are too expensive Chevy is cheap to buy, lots of them available, and pretty easy to work on. Overall, I dislike the quality of GMC products, but I feel the same way about most other automotive brands too. GMC: Lots of models available, generally pretty reliable. Easy to work on. Cheaply designed parts. Not designed to last very long, especially the little stuff. Dodge / Chrylser: They look great inside and out. Lots of power. Very low quality and obviously designed to break down often. Ford: Similar to GMC in many ways. Imports: Some are crap, some are great. After working on just about every kind of car/truck/tractor/plane/dirt bike/boat and moped, I think that every brand has its pluses and minuses. What I would really like is this: A large Chevy SUV body, with the engine power of a Dodge, engine reliability of a Toyota, Interior of a Chrysler, and ..... a cup holder from a Ford.
  12. Did they ask you first, or just replace the tire and hand you a bill? Ask to see the tire. Tell them to install the spare tire instead and then buy the tire from someone else. Or even a used tire that would match your tread wear better. In my area, they cant exceed the estimate by more than 15% without your verbal authorization. They also have to keep the parts on hand and show them to you upon request. After you pay the bill and leave the shop, then they can throw out the parts.
  13. Skimmed page. Not vehicle specific. Just throwing out generic turning wobble stuff: Might be the clutches in the rear diff chattering due to low or improper fluid. Might be loose front hub bearings. Possible rotor issue (warped). Might be a bulge on the edge of the tire tread Alignment Loose front end parts - tie rods, ball joints etc.
  14. I have dealt with those before. Its harder to hide a scratch, than a chip that penetrates to the plastic layer. Many glass shops will waive the deductible for you, so that the windshield is free. Here is how they do it: If you don't have insurance, they charge you $200 If they use your insurance, they just increase the cost of the windshield to $300 and then they pay your $100 deductible for you. You get the window for free, the insurance pays their own deductible, and the glass shop still gets their $200. I was really surprised to find out that its standard practice to inflate the repair bill if it goes through an insurance company. Its normal practice, and the insurance companies accept it. Same thing with car accidents and other comprehensive claims. My neighbor broke his back window with a weed eater rock. The glass shop quoted $500. He sent the bill to the insurance company. The glass shop rejected the payment from the insurance, and "adjusted" the bill to $1,500 because it was through insurance. The insurance company accepted the new bill and paid it. Crazy. Anyway, just call around to the local glass shops and tell them you want to get a windshield and that you want them to take care of the deductible.

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