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  1. Steel wheel lugnuts used to be... cut at a different angle than aluminum wheel lugnuts. If your truck came with aluminum wheels, your factory lugnuts are fine. Maybe today the steel wheel lugnuts are cut the same as alloy wheels....Go to a GM parts counter and have them check the part numbers to see if they are the same
  2. Silverado here crapped it's vacuum pump sending engine oil into the brake booster. Local dealership can't fix it.......Canadian truck with gm Canadian warranty.... Was a buy back. Went thru auctions via gm buyback....ended up far from Canada. Local dealer can't fix until Canadian gm warranty transferred to US. True story....poor guy is screwed for awhile.
  3. If your hitch and trailer wiring harness was installed by Uhaul......crawl under there and fix the ground wire they attached poorly to the bed......put it to the frame.
  4. Its the Direct Injection pump. Mine does it too.....was more noticeable when temps reached freezing.
  5. Remove all aftermarket gear.....take to a different dealership to have factory system repaired under warranty.
  6. When State budgets get tight again I think we will see cops writing tickets for those lights. Not DOT approved. Around here there are people getting silly with those lights....matter of when the cops get orders to bust em for State revenue.
  7. You are still driving a vehicle that completely shut off while you were driving it? Trade it and take the loss. Your life is more important. Get on Ebay and search for 2014+ Silverado-Sierra rear axles.......look at allllllll those front crashed trucks with super low miles they are selling rear axles from. Trade it.
  8. Look on Ebay for rear axles for 2014+ Silverado-Sierras.....pretty crazy how many crashed ones with super low miles are out there..........likely over this electrical issue........loss of control of vehicle while moving.
  9. I spray the aluminum down with 'Remington Oil', aerosol can that i also use to protect guns. That simple green is some potent stuff, it is eating your engine.
  10. Put it in M5 when not on the highway. Will keep AFM off.
  11. Yes. Common reasons AFM not activating or not as it should: (also read other comments in that link...fuel octane...wind resistance...heck even putting bigger tires on it so the truck thinks its say for example doing 58 but you really are doing 63mph...throws it off)
  12. Interested in Meth

    You couldnt run it all the time...would deplete it quick..., but a toggle switch...and a microswitch so it kicks on at wide open throttle....why not? http://www.superstreetonline.com/how-to/engine/impp-1101-water-methanol-injection/

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