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  1. The only reason they were successful is they did things people with ethics and morals wouldnt do. Business is Business. They would hire people on and require them to have X for equipment.....fire em after 6 months....buy the equipment those employees bought at the sheriffs sale for literally nothing.....real cut throat stuff to build an empire.
  2. Yes.....better to be your own business then. I have uncles who never graduated high school and own multi-million dollar businesses.
  3. I have been married and divorced twice and lost half a million on women. Going upside down a little on a truck you love......dont listen to the guys here....pretty sure they have gone thru divorces and lost much more on...ahem....”investments” they thought were noble. Buy the dang diesel and make her a part of your life..... I will be driving a diesel in exactly 13 months when I no longer have to pay child support on a kid that is not biologically mine....Gotta love justice in America.
  4. Porous casting....known problem. PIP 5498 http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/201992-p050d-internal-coolant-leak-weird/?do=findComment&comment=1994420
  5. Cooper Discoverer ATW. If you live in a ice-snow environment half the year. if not....there is a pep-boys Cooper Adventurer AT tire...similiar to AT3 but cheaper and made by Cooper just for pep boys.....best bang for the buck.
  6. You are in Mississippi and there was a EPA waiver to use winter blend fuel....less mpg....since august of last year. When they start selling summer blend fuel in mississippi again you will see a slight increase. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/08/30/epa-extends-a-waiver-on-motor-fuel-contents-to-apply-nationwide-not-just-to-texas/?utm_term=.09374a9001e3
  7. There’s the Grumpy I like.....
  8. LoL....you owned a Civic money pit.... Seem to be repeating history emptying your wallet on that Sierra changing all the factory suspension in pursuit of a Cadillac ride on a pickemup truck.
  9. Yes, they increased voltage over stock. BUT they also have a reduced dwell time and fully recharge before their magnetic field collapses to discharge again. By reducing dwell time, resistance, and increasing voltage to the plug ....may not be felt in the seat when you hammer it.....it can be detected at the dyno and 1/4 mile times....1/10th of a second shaved off.
  10. By removing the power steering pump only freed up a spot to run a belt driven vacuum pump with the same amount of parasytic drag. Resulted in no gain in efficiency.
  11. Staying on track with technical data .....these here are THE best wires and coils for the L83 engine... With these on your motor you WILL dyno 5 extra horsepower: ZERO OHM PLUG WIRES..... http://www.granatellimotorsports.com/products/2014_Present_L83_5_3_L86_6_2_Truck_SUV_V_8_Hi_Perf_Coil_Near_Plug_Conn_and_Coil_Pack_Kit-3149-548.html
  12. I was hoping for a more technical response from Grumpy that mentions requiring scopes and dwell times and touches on the Camaro and Vette boys finding our coils suck a maximum of 7 amps each and their technical data showing less resistance = power.
  13. Ohms law. Amps is equal to voltage divivded by resistance ohms. 48,000 volt coil pack divided by 2,000 ohms resistance=24 amps 48,000 volt coil pack divided by 60 ohms resistance=800 amps Now the coil pack is not going to deliver 800 amps.....just more of its amps/miliamps will equal a bigger flash at the plug than higher resistance wires. For that bigger flash we need to know actual voltage squared divided by ohm resistance: 48,000 volts squared divided by 2,000 ohms=1,152,000 watts 48,000 volts squared divided by 60 ohms=3,840,000 watts math says lower resistance wires ROCK....bigger flash. 60ohm wires will allow over DOUBLE of the watts to be converted to spark.....than factory 2,000 ohm wires.
  14. Oh noooo....GM valve springs dont break......especially at 30,000 miles....noooo...not on a $50k vehicle....just doesnt happen.
  15. Plus 11 to 1 compression engines prefer higher octane alcohol over low octane pump gas. Reduced spark knock=more power. Engine is designed for alcohol.

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