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  1. Good point. This was my first ride. Big giant aluminum banner across the back with GMC on it. GMC was also stamped into the tailgate under it. You can even see my mom's old OBS (I guess it would have been a NBS at the time haha) under the carport with the big "Chevrolet" across the back.
  2. There's one on the lot around the corner from my house. Sharp looking truck. I like the door badges on it.
  3. You can also swap the guts out of your black one into one like this. It's just the shell. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Keyless-Entry-Remote-Car-Key-Fob-Shell-Case-Cover-for-M3N-32337100-4b-Chrome/292260183861?epid=2265359433&hash=item440c107f35:g:Sd8AAOSwXLpZwBB5:sc:USPSFirstClass!70360!US!-1&vxp=mtr
  4. Definitely interchangeable. I bought my Silverado slightly used from a GMC dealer. The truck only had one key and fob, so they offered to throw in a second. My spare fob is just like the GMC one pictured above lol
  5. My wife's Equinox does this now and then around 35 mph or so when accelerating. Haven't felt it from my Silverado yet, but I always wondered what caused it.
  6. Subscribing. The wheel on my last truck starting to get a little worn when I sold it. I'd like to keep this one nice and soft like it is now.
  7. Subscribing. My folks have an 07 Sierra Duramax with the 16" alloys. They're starting to look like crap. The clear is peeling and they're getting discolored.
  8. 2014 Black Silverado LTZ Z71 Door Sill Plates GM

    Mannnn I wish these just said "Chevrolet" or "Silverado" or something haha that's a great price. And they're close to me! Good luck with the sale, these shouldn't last long.
  9. No way they ship lol Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  10. Those look pretty close to the ones I have. They were on the truck when I bought it, and I wondered what brand they might be, because I love the look.
  11. That thing looks fast just sitting there. Looks like it ate a Charger lol
  12. I had a rattle under the knee panel that was driving me nuts. Finally just passed my hands under there while driving down a rough road the other day and figured out where it was rattling. It's a bracket of some type that just feels loose. I stuffed some folded up paper in there for now until I can get under there to give everything a good tightening.
  13. Got a clip? Looks like you cut the valve out too. How's v4 sound? Thinking of doing exactly this.
  14. When I first got my truck, I could pause live radio while getting out to run in a store, and it would pick up from right where I paused it. It has recently stopped holding position. Any ideas?

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