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  1. Not posting uncivil. Tones or feeling from typed words are a perception. I was giving facts. I am trying to understand point of view. My mistrust of dealerships and manufacturers comes from experience. Seen people die from bandaide diplomacy. Not in this case that extreme but again it's from experience. I am not going to lay my background out here like others have. No disclaimers either. It is the internet. I post like I talk. If I'm wrong I own it. If I don't know I ask. If I offend oh well.
  2. You call yourself an engineer but have admittedly missed important details such as but not limited to driving around the block but actually drove the interstate. Now you seem to be protecting the integrity of a dealership that originally created a permanent problem for this guy from the start. What's your stake in this? They must hire mechanics off Craigslist, don't stand behind thier work AND documented thier mistake for all other dealerships to stay away from with a 10ft pole. This PC mentality you have is easy when it's not you. New crate motor would work. Didn't you say you were a drag racer? Would you want this engine in your race car? This guy forever on driving this clump will always be thinking...is it gunna break? Will they fix it? Better stay close to dealership if it could happen. Oil analysis is for consumption issues not future particulate from a rag some dipshit left in the oil pan and buttoned up a brand new engine. Besides they changed the oil. It's about what's lodged in the million ports in the engine. These days close tolerance engines. Your an engineer you should know this. Maybe not. This would take a mechanical engineering firm to really do this right. Is the dealership gunna pay? Oh hell no...is GM? What rag...it's not a failure due to workmanship.
  3. Side note: I would actually agree with GM if they denied warranty work on the engine. It is not their fault that this happened, not a design or manufacturing flaw, it was a dealership mechanics screw up. Yep and dealership is responsible. Not every other dealership out there just this one. Now they documented the rag incident in the system so now every dealership knows and will refuse to warranty this vehicle. Now if your comfortable taking your truck in for further issues to the same place who originally caused the problem....think man. GM would say...not our problem...dealership who ruined it problem...next.
  4. Big Whiskey's 2016 2500HD

    Mahalo. There are some 275 out there but very hard to find. 285 will work.
  5. Couple karabiners and some 1 inch tubular you can make a nice rifle rack. Go inside for a coffee, flip up the rear seat, hidden from view.
  6. Yea lotsa desert here. Broke a HUMMV in the desert but never any of my trucks. All new steering components like? Lifted aftermarket trash?
  7. BW makes good stuff period. You get what you pay for.
  8. GM just washed thier hands of your truck with that rag. Yer fooked plain and simple. Is it GMAC financed? If so I would leave it on the lot, get a good attorney and send right back to um. Of course that's me. You may have a different approach. I got nothing but time.
  9. Car seat and/or tie downs for other crap.
  10. Never buy a 4x4 10 years old. Even with "mild" off roading things are ready to break.
  11. Unless more holes is better...
  12. I have the 40/20/40 seat and USBs in both locations

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