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  1. I"ve been reading around and it seems a lot of trucks have had poor headlights in the past few years. I was searching 30K or less miles for 2015 trucks, but lighting issues on pretty much all of them have convinced me to quit looking for the best used deal and just concentrate on 2017 on.
  2. I think it's good to lodge the complaint. Then they will either honor it in the future, they will get on a shit list for dealers from GM and pull the dealership if it's bad enough. GM will stop sending out those things if they realize it's just pissing off current GM owners and they have no intention of making their dealers honor them. I'd file the complaint with the AG too. It doesn't take a lot of time and the only thing that keeps these places from having every available toy to screw with people is for people to hold them accountable.
  3. I'm going to email him about a specific truck on the lot and see what he says. he said you can pretty much take 9-11K off any truck's MSRP on the lot right now. Up to now i've been pretty vague about what I'm getting. I'm between the Silverado/Sierra's and and F150. I probably like the GMC's the best, but at this point i'm going to probably go with whatever dealer gives me the best deal. I'm still probably 2 months out from purchasing anyway. Still just watching prices and formulating a game plan
  4. I'm in the market for a new truck, my first truck actually since high school. anyway, the salesman from the dealership I went to the other week gave me a call today and said because of slumping sales the past 2 months they have every incentive possible from GM available now till the 14th as a quick start/jump start sales event. He didn't give me any specific trucks, just said it took the 17% off MSRP and put it at about 22-24% off. Of course I have no actual figures to go off of. Just wondering if anyone else has heard that? and with incentives off MSRP if they actually are in the 24% range, i suppose there isn't much more to negotiate off is there? or is there?
  5. I've often had this thought myself. I'm about to head out on the road for a 30 minute drive. I'll probably have that thought at least 15-20 more times before I stop.
  6. Yes, it's why I bought it had a little toyota truck that I had taken from me at 190+. Replaced a clutch plate on that one. It is all Toyota engine and drive train, but pontiac trim
  7. My totals aren't nearly as impressive as a lot the ones on here. Usually get rid of them around 200K. Had an old Saturn I get rid of at 198K, that one had an engine replaced, under warranty at 98K, so that worked out for me. Our Chrysler T&C had 189K when I sold it and got a Honda. Had electrical problems with that that never got figured out, but no mechanical problems. Currently I have a Pontiac Vibe with 210K on it, that's my highest. Replaced a blower motor on it once and that's it. I think this car can go a lot longer, it runs great. I have the original battery in this thing even and it's seen lots of cold starts in NE Wisconsin. It's an '05. If I had a 4th stall in the garage, I'd keep this car till it died, but I have a feeling when I get the new truck and it has to be parked outside, it will hasten it's demise in the winter and I should probably just sell it.
  8. Tesla Destroys ZO6 Corvette Every Time!

    That's not exactly what it said for anyone that cares to go read it and it had nothing to do with Tesla car battery production, just "batteries" in general. It's about as meaningful as the guy that prints the headline "Corvette releases more C02 during 1 start up than a Tesla battery will in 8 years. It's myopic and pretty useless. It's based on a lot of assumptions, leaves out a lot of very meaningful and impactful variables, but that never stops agenda driven news sights from printing to serve a message.

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