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  1. IO5 does not have navigation and the projection app that allows to see screen phone over car screen.
  2. I put a set of Rough Country fender flares on my truck, but return them since the tires were not flush to the fender flares and looked odd. Good quality, easy to install, did not like the stance. May be if I used spacers it will look better. Did not tried. BajaKing.
  3. Hi, I am starting this new thread due to the need of knowing HMI connector's wiring. According to pgamboa there is a large number of people besides of me in need of this information. In my case, I made an IO3 to IO5 upgrade, and bluetooth phone calls are not working, even though phone is properly pair and want to fix this issue. Any diagram or information anybody can share would be appreciated, BajaKing
  4. I did it and nothing happened. It is a long press, short, fast, etc.? BajaKing
  5. Thanks pgamboa, I will start it as soon as I learn how to do it!!!! BajaKing
  6. Nice!!! I was surprised you get the front bracket as well, were did you order it ? BajaKing
  7. Nice truck!!!!! Can you share GM part numbers required to do the swap? Thanks, BajaKing
  8. That would be interesting to see!!! I have never done it, but is a tempting DIY!!!!
  9. Forgot to add that is not neccessary to lower the transmision, there are 4 screws you need to remove from the jump seat and 2 connectors to unplug inside the cabine, that is all. BajaKing
  10. The parts number I got for the swap are these: Console GM p/n 22995069 Panel GM p/n 22817349 Panel GM p/n 22817347 Plate GM p/n 22995085 What you need to do is just check what color a the trim (Panel) to make sure is what you need. Baja King
  11. Hi pgamboa, Yesterday I checked the HMI harness made by local shop and they left two pair of wires cut on the left harness (See picture attached), could you tell me what are they for? or do you know were I can get the electrical diagram in order to see what signal is missing? I can not stream music, or use handsfree function, sine I have no audio when I make phone calls. Thanks in advance for your support, BajaKing

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