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  1. I’ve always been able to walk up to a dealers service advisor with keys in hand or the vehicle nearby, and ask for the service history. A quick check of the VIN and a few mouse clicks later and I have a copy hot off their printer. But I’m not surprised they wouldn’t play ball over the phone. M.
  2. A few thoughts... Before doing anything drastic, always try a small test spot. It’s really easy to skip, but it could save you a lot of work and worry later. So, there are a number of excellent citrus based degreasers/cleaners that can attack stubborn stains and contamination. Often they can be used straight for difficult jobs but you should follow their particular dilution ratios to get the result you want. One great product to remove tar/grease/ set-in stains is CarPro TRIX (not affiliated - I think it’s a great product). Apply according to the instructions. You will likely need to follow that with a clay bar surface decontamination. Again, follow the instructions from the product. Once that’s done protect the paint with the wax or sealant of your choice. Have a look at the detailing forums at autogeek.net Good luck! M.
  3. I think I saw somewhere that there was a change to the cabin fresh air flow in the ventilation control calibration. It might be a tsb or it might have just been production change. It increased the amount of fresh air entering the cabin to help control cabin humidity. You might also check to make sure the a/c evaporator compartment drain isnt plugged or blocked. Good luck! M.
  4. Can’t find a darn turbo encabulator anywhere tho. Talk about the ultimate mod... wow! M.
  5. 2015 GMC Sierra SLT CCSB 4x4 5.3 As we all know, the engine air filter housing has to come out to gain access to the right headlight. I recently changed my head light bulbs to get a little better output (just new Philips 4K halogens, nothing fancy). So for the past few weeks the gas mileage has be lousy. I’m wondering if disconnecting the MAF (the assembly is part of the air box) has caused the computer to recalibrate the MAF and fuel flow? Or is it super sensitive to being bumped? I can’t find a good reason to explain the sudden change in performance. Although it has bee in the 30’s here in Atlanta for a while. Any thoughts? M.
  6. I would think that with a documented repair history they will likely give you some grace on the vehicle warranty. If anything, their own repair should carry a warranty that will cover the redo. Check the service receipt for the first repair, I bet there’s language that explains the coverage of their work. M.
  7. On your radio go to: Home / Settings / Radio / Maximum Startup Volume You might have to scroll to the very bottom, on mine it is after Auto Volume. Good luck, M. Ps, I see now there’s a much more detailed answer, I was a little slow hitting send
  8. True, the truck is only a few months old, but who knows how old the crate of button batteries might be. Anyway, glad it was an easy fix. Happy Thanksgiving! M. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Come on already! It’s been an hour, don’t leave us hanging! [emoji38] M.
  10. Please forgive me for asking the obvious (but you know it’s coming)... Have you tried replacing the remote battery? I wish I knew more about the electronics in these things, but they’ve reached a level of sophistication approaching magic. M.
  11. Agreed, insist on GM parts. Also, look into a diminished value claim with their insurance carrier. That truck wasn’t cheap (none are, these days) and lost value will sting when it comes time to sell. Good luck, I hope you can get it settled to your satisfaction. M.
  12. I have a 2015 Sierra 1500 slt ccsb 5.3 z71 4x4 (don’t know the final drive), and it fits our family extremely well (5yo and 3yo, both in booster seats). Just picked up an extang solidfold cover on CL and I think we’re set for whatever hauling, travel, towing, and camping we might want to try. The boys love it, I love it, even my wife enjoys driving it. I personally think it is a better choice than a Tahoe or the like, it just seems more versatile and honest. But to your original question, it depends greatly on speed and condition. City/short trips, maybe 16 or 17. Highway at 65 gets 22 or 23, push 75 and it’ll creep down to 21ish. I’m pretty light on the throttle and gentile on the brakes. I’ve teased 24-25 out of it a few times (26.4 is my record, downhill for 25 miles ;) , but I was being silly and trying to hypermile a big, flat nosed truck. M. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Ziplock bag. But for $15ish this is perfect. High Road Auto Document Case and Glove Box Organizer https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000HZRTDE?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf
  14. Heat gun, maybe? If you want to try it on the smallest spot to test... at your own risk, no guarantees. less-is-more would apply for sure. Approach the area from a distance and go slow, and don’t keep the heat in one place. Back off the instant it starts to show a change, the residual heat will finish the job. If it works, share some pics! M.
  15. Great info. And if you’re having a problem with AC mildew odors, be sure to check the condensate drain. Any pooled condensate will be a breeding ground for mildew and funky odors.

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