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  1. Ziplock bag. But for $15ish this is perfect. High Road Auto Document Case and Glove Box Organizer https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000HZRTDE?ref=yo_pop_ma_swf
  2. Heat gun, maybe? If you want to try it on the smallest spot to test... at your own risk, no guarantees. less-is-more would apply for sure. Approach the area from a distance and go slow, and don’t keep the heat in one place. Back off the instant it starts to show a change, the residual heat will finish the job. If it works, share some pics! M.
  3. Great info. And if you’re having a problem with AC mildew odors, be sure to check the condensate drain. Any pooled condensate will be a breeding ground for mildew and funky odors.
  4. Looks really good! If you haven’t fully assembled it already, the finishing touch would be to follow up with a few light coats of clear for protection. In any case, nice work. M
  5. If your truck is NOT e85 ready, I'm going to make a WAG that it is the harness connector for the not installed e85 sensor. It should have a barbed push fastener on it that will fit in a hole on the underside of the frame. If the truck is behaving normally, re-secure the harness and GTFO. Good luck. M.
  6. Mine is aligned at *exactly* the same bad angle as the OP. 2015 Sierra SLT CC 5.3. Probably a misaligned placement device, or the line worker just wasn't paying attention. Who knows.
  7. I just found and bought a 2015 Sierra 1500 SLT crew cab made in Mexico, and so far have had no serious complaints. I did have a leaking rear axle seal replaced (under the drivetrain warranty) but that's it. Unlike you, I did not know anything about the various reported issues like the infamous shake, wonky transmission shift points, etc. I've been driving a little paranoid, but can't say I have experienced any of the common complaints. So for me, it's just the usual owner maintenance and wear items at 40k miles. So far, so good. Good luck! /M

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