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  1. Ah! I see the British Columbia in your bio there now haha. I was thinking around $250 and let them haggle me down to around $200. Mine are in good shape but do have the wear and tear of 55,000 miles. Side note and do not mean to thread jack but my father lives in Seattle, WA and owns a 48' Tollycraft yacht. We went many times on my summer vacations into BC, Victoria being the main place that comes to mind. Beautiful country up there. Also I have a Line-X liner on my truck. Bed prep is key on that set up. My local shop here in Mississippi did it for 435 taxes included and it has held up wonderfully.
  2. Donstar what has been about the going rate for the take offs? I am thinking about (very preliminary thinking mind you) about doing the power steps from Amp. I was just curious what you had seen on the market as to how much I could put back into the Amp purchase.
  3. I am not trying to bring up a huge debate on it but do you think this could be the Direct Injection engines and the carbon deposits? Would a BMW walnut shell blast to clean up the deposits be a good maintenance item to be considered at 100,000 miles possibly? Maybe make it a list item for every 30,50,75K miles depending on how "on top of it" you wanted to be?
  4. I love my 2014. It has 55450 on it as of this morning. I do get a 3-2 downshift clunk every now and again but honestly it only happens if I am driving the truck a little faster and slowing down harder than I need to be (late to go somewhere, etc). It drives great, I do not have the "chevy shake", it has been in for the recalls and oil changes. I also had the leaf spring pop that I fixed myself. Overall I have been really happy with it, the truck can get me where I need to go with some "style".
  5. I see, now that I think about it I was given a 2018 Yukon when having some service done. The app did look different, thanks for the clarification. I do have the travel link from XM and the weather they provide is surprisingly really accurate. Do the newer trucks still have the "sky" above your navigation map that shows what the weather is?
  6. The weather app is through Sirius XM. At least on my '14 that is the way it works.
  7. Let me know how it goes, I am trying to nail down a fix as well.
  8. I am a fan, I am very curious to see how the 10 speed works out though.
  9. He is correct on not needing the level for that size. I have two friends here that have Sierras that do not have levels and are running those tires. I have a 2.5in level and 275/65r20 Duratracs. My gas mileage has dropped to around 17 city 20 highway but I will be honest I do not have a very heavy foot. I think that can be heavily changed depending on the driver. I also have the 5.3 so not exactly apples to apples with your 6.2. I hope that helps. Hotty Toddy!
  10. Look for the shake, see if the tranny clunks from 2-3 and 1-2 then back down 3-2 and 2-1, ask any and all mods that have been done, and last I would see if the leaf springs clank over bumps (easy fix).
  11. Mike I am also in Mississippi, I was getting 18.2 city and 21.1 Highway last summer with 45,000 on the clock for my '14. Since we switched to winter blend the DIC is reading 15.9 city and 18.9 highway. I am convinced it is the blend.
  12. Toyo Open Country AT2 (3700mi) + Bilstein 5100

    I would love to talk with you but am at work at the moment. Could I call you in an hour or so?
  13. That is a great looking truck! Sorry to read of your troubles with the parking lot moron, there is always one in every lot, I have been lucky enough to avoid them for 14 years of driving *knock on wood*. I like flares but I am in the boat with Donstar, the set up you have looks fantastic. Your truck though of course! Good luck with the insurance and getting your money back. Edit to add I am an Ole Miss guy, probably why I like all that red so much!
  14. I was thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-8,000 so good deal my friend. A little less than I imagined. Thank you for the insight.
  15. Just out of curiosity if you do not mind telling, how much did your BDS lift run you all in? All in meaning tires, kit, installation, etc. I am thinking of going this route eventually, I love the look of your truck!

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