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  1. I think you will get 1000 different answers to this. A lot of different parameters that can go into it, tire size, lift/level/stock, drivers right foot... As for me I run a custom tune (AFM turned OFF), have a 2.5in level, and 275/65r20 aggressive all terrain tires. I see 20-21 on the highway but I run the truck at 65-67mph. I am never in a hurry. If I was running 70-75 I would assume I would dip into the 18 mpg range or lower. All in all I think it really depends on you and how you drive.
  2. I also have a '14 with the 5.3. I have a 2.5in level with 275/65. You need to be recalibrated for the larger tire, I also have a tune from Diablew, run 89 octane and I see 20-21 mpg running 65-67 mph down the highway. Every day stop and go, with some back roads highways mixed in my average over the last 500 miles is 17.8. I do not have a heavy foot with the truck though, that is what the 5.0 is for
  3. I have a Labrador and if anyone owns one they understand the oil from their coats can get in and will get in whatever they lay on constantly. My truck has leather but I have found just pushing up the back seats gives her tons of room and my Weathertech protects the floor. The underside of the seat was getting some fur on it so I just got a cheapo sheet from Khols and I put that over the seat when it is up. Seems to work for me.
  4. Did you end up trying the innertube? Curious to know if it helped your issue
  5. I love mine. I have had them on for +/- 2,000 miles. Little to no wear. Been through heavy rain, mud, and light off roading. They have done very well.
  6. You are exactly correct. You cut it into strips the width of the spring. Jack the truck up to relieve all pressure on the suspension and then take a pry bar (I wrapped mine in a shop towel) and pull the spring apart ever so slightly and slide it in. Do this for all contact points. It helped mine tremendously. The shackles I am not sure on. I still get a slight thump when I slow down fast on a decline, but it is very rare and I just dont notice it anymore. I went the route of the dealership (I bought certified pre owned) and got the same run around as you are getting. I got frustrated and did the inner tube trick and it has worked out for me. I honestly do not think GM will release a "fix" for this minus packing the springs with so much grease it is ridiculous.
  7. Tons of us have had this issue. I used the bicycle inner tube trick to get rid of my issues.
  8. I would love to own a brand new Z06.
  9. I live in the deep south and I have heard of this in some very hot summers case in point my motorcycle was left out over a 3 day span and my side mirrors were deformed as well as the kick stand had sunk into the asphalt. I have never seen it first hand on a car just my bike and this being November that is really weird.
  10. Honestly I will be of no help on this but I am sorry that happened to you. I am in this to see what happens. I would assume they should be able to delete all of that for you somehow... Maybe corporate Carfax and such will have to step in?
  11. It is under the Settings App if memory serves me correctly it is under Comfort and Convenience
  12. I have noticed a MPG change and for the better with AFM on I was averaging 17.2 mostly stop and go getting to work and some light cruises down the highway on the weekends. Now I am seeing 19.1 average over 800 miles of the same driving. I run 89 octane from Chevron or Shell but 99% Chevron. I have never owned a 6.2 but my 5.3 has woken up tons. If I need to move down the street or merge I have up most confidence in it. Lew is a great guy and he truly cares about dialing in your truck the way you want it.
  13. Truck threw a P0454 code. I was going to set up an appointment with the dealer since I am under the CPO warranty but went out to the truck this morning to go to work and the CEL was gone. I did loosen and re tighten my gas cap after I got home last night. Could this just have been an anomaly? Anyone else had this pop up and then magically disappear?

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