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  1. Mike I am also in Mississippi, I was getting 18.2 city and 21.1 Highway last summer with 45,000 on the clock for my '14. Since we switched to winter blend the DIC is reading 15.9 city and 18.9 highway. I am convinced it is the blend.
  2. Toyo Open Country AT2 (3700mi) + Bilstein 5100

    I would love to talk with you but am at work at the moment. Could I call you in an hour or so?
  3. That is a great looking truck! Sorry to read of your troubles with the parking lot moron, there is always one in every lot, I have been lucky enough to avoid them for 14 years of driving *knock on wood*. I like flares but I am in the boat with Donstar, the set up you have looks fantastic. Your truck though of course! Good luck with the insurance and getting your money back. Edit to add I am an Ole Miss guy, probably why I like all that red so much!
  4. I was thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-8,000 so good deal my friend. A little less than I imagined. Thank you for the insight.
  5. Just out of curiosity if you do not mind telling, how much did your BDS lift run you all in? All in meaning tires, kit, installation, etc. I am thinking of going this route eventually, I love the look of your truck!
  6. Thickness I honestly couldn’t tell you. I used (most do) bicycle inner tube. I bought the Goodyear off road bike tire innertube and cut it down to be the thickness of the spring.
  7. I use mine for the commute to work and while I am at work it is used as well, I am in the construction lending field so getting to some of the sites the 4x4 comes in handy. Homeowners chores as well. I guess I use it about a 50/50 mix work to pleasure.
  8. I have a 2014 Sierra SLT and the "chrome" mirror has a bubble in it. Dealer warrantied it since it is a CPO truck.
  9. I have a 2014 Sierra with a 2.5in level. I run a 275/65/20 Duratrac. I love the tire, good road manners and off road has not let me down through mud and fields. I live in Mississippi though so cannot talk about snow. Our roads ice maybe once a year and the state seems to shut down. haha
  10. Following this as well. I do not use my truck to the extreme I do not think. I never tow with it, I do go off road some when hunting season is in. What is the difference in severe use and normal use? I just hit 49,000 miles so I am in your boat too.
  11. When I bought my CPO Sierra I went through the truck top to bottom. In doing that, I of course ended up in the glove box checking the codes (from which I learned here, great forum). In the glovebox was the original XM radio paperwork. It had the previous owner's phone number on it, so I went out on a limb and gave him a call. I left a voicemail and he called me back about 30 minutes later to let me know that the truck was great. He had leased it and decided to turn it in for a 2500. I got lucky that he was a nice guy and not an @ss. I can see where that could be an issue for some people. Me? I would not care one bit if another guy wanted to call me and talk about a previous vehicle of mine.
  12. I think you did a great job on the color choice. Looks great and looks as if you got a great price point and helped someone that is starting their business, good stuff all around.
  13. Very cool, I am also curious, ball park cost on a job like that? Just the wrap.
  14. I think you will get 1000 different answers to this. A lot of different parameters that can go into it, tire size, lift/level/stock, drivers right foot... As for me I run a custom tune (AFM turned OFF), have a 2.5in level, and 275/65r20 aggressive all terrain tires. I see 20-21 on the highway but I run the truck at 65-67mph. I am never in a hurry. If I was running 70-75 I would assume I would dip into the 18 mpg range or lower. All in all I think it really depends on you and how you drive.
  15. I also have a '14 with the 5.3. I have a 2.5in level with 275/65. You need to be recalibrated for the larger tire, I also have a tune from Diablew, run 89 octane and I see 20-21 mpg running 65-67 mph down the highway. Every day stop and go, with some back roads highways mixed in my average over the last 500 miles is 17.8. I do not have a heavy foot with the truck though, that is what the 5.0 is for

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