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  1. Thanks man I already did that. Very intelligent though.
  2. What is a MAP sensor?
  3. The truck won't start in park you have to turn key on then to N then it will start. You can't shift truck to park either with key on. You have to go to N then turn truck off and then to park to pull keys. What is wrong?
  4. Will a radio from a 2002 chevy fit in a 1998 chevy? Is that 2002 a double den or den and half
  5. I have a dash that is just gone. It is in a 98 chevy k1500. The middle is cracked and some is caved in. There is another crack above steering wheel. Question is where would be the best place to look for a new dash besides junk yard. Could you use one of those molded dash covers and if so where would a man find one of those. I found a couple on eBay but they want 750-800 for the dash and that just sounds high to me but I could be way off. Thank younger your help!!
  6. That is reassuring as those are showing a +31 offset. Question though, what offset were your factory rimz? Do they run when turning
  7. Thank you greatly. I am looking at tires now. I have another thread asking about tire sizing
  8. I have a 1998 chevy k1500 and the tranny, which is fairly new, seems to run rough when over 70. When you get to 67-69mph it seems like it smooths out as long as you aren't on the gas. Was wondering if tires might have anything to do with this as my tires are not good at all. Very uneven wear
  9. I have a 1998 chevy k1500 That has 16" rims on it. These are a -0- offset. I have found a set of 18" rims from a 2016 chevy that I would like to purchase and put on, these are a +24 offset. Can this be done and HOW? I was thinking if input 2" spacers it would put it almost back at -0- but I am wondering if it will stick out from truck. Really would like to know from someone with more knowledge then me before I cut a check if you know what I mean. Thank you for any and all help in advance!!

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