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  1. Transmission Temp?

    That's my experience as well.
  2. 2015 Yukon Denali - TT Towing

    Looking at the link you posted, I would NOT tow that with a Yukon (or Tahoe). You are playing with fire if you do. You don't have enough payload capacity with the Yukon to handle the trailer Tongue Weight whick will be near 1000#. You are looking at a 3/4 ton to 1 ton pickup as a tow vehicle. The only numbers for weight you can really trust come from a CAT Scale, not the manufacturer's brochure. Your Yukon is limited to trailers no longer than 25 feet and weighing no more than 6800 lbs GVWR (the "dry weights" are pure BS). This is based on years of hard experience and not a few tears.
  3. Transmission Temp?

    How about 0W-20?
  4. Tow Mirrors Dilema

    Interesting thread. After reading this and researching the cost of changing out my current mirrors, I went with CIPA custom-fit tow mirrors.
  5. Transmission Temp?

    Gosh, let's not go there. No one will want to drive their trucks anymore. Mine has the engine oil cooler and that probably helps somewhat.
  6. Transmission Temp?

    Yes, the 6.2L/8-speed combo is very nice even without Max Tow (I have the 3.23:1 rear-end). Gotta love it!
  7. Transmission Temp?

    Drove to New Mexico on vacation towing a 5500 lb travel trailer last Saturday. Air temps were low to mid 90s. Used tow/haul and had cruise control set for 63 mph. Transmission temp stayed between 181 and 185 until I started the long slow climb through the mountains (even going through some pretty good hills crossing the Canadian River north of Amarillo). Hit 191 at the summit of a 9100 ft pass after climbing a 2-mile 7% grade. I wasn't driving very fast (20 mph in 3rd gear) so not getting a lot of air flow through the radiator. Air temp was 62 degrees. Hit 194 degrees using engine grade braking on the down-hill side of the pass (I was in 2nd gear at the time). Coolant tps floated between 205 and 215 degrees the whole way. There were light to moderate cross winds from the north most of the way. No sway issues at all. Towing was a breeze! The tranny didn't constantly hunt gears. It stayed mostly in 5th but ran for quite a while in 6th. Overall average mileage was 12.5 mpg for the entire trip. Across the plains from Wichita Falls to Amarillo I was getting 13 to 15 mpg but through the hills it dropped back to 10 to 11 mpg. Engine and tranny worked like a charm!
  8. Welcome to the forum. A couple of questions: Is this a used truck or new? If new, it is under warranty and the transfer case should be inspected and repaired/replaced as necessary. Is the 4wd shifter electronic or mechanical (does it have a shift dial or a shift lever)? Did you drive it in 4L on dry pavement for any distance? Short runs to test the equipment isn't an issue but prolonged use in the wrong conditions could damage the transfer case. It sounds like you have a used vehicle that wasn't properly serviced. Transfer cases are pretty tough but, like all mechanical things, they can be damaged through misuse.
  9. That's alright. You had me going for a minute! Too funny.
  10. Transmission. I have the 8R90 8-speed. The 6th gear is 1:1 and the tires are 31". With the 3.23:1 rear end that would put the RPMs between 2262 and 2333 on your chart above. I get 2263.7 RPMs for the 3.23:1 rear end in 6th gear at 65 mph.
  11. That would be 6th gear and 31" tires. I get great mileage and it tows like a champ.
  12. LEDs or filament - there is no difference. Your wiring won't know the difference. Some LED replacements do generate more heat.
  13. Interesting chart! Looks like it was built for Jeeps with their engines, trannies and rear ends. Doesn't really fit any experience that I have had with my 2014 Tahoe or 2017 Silverado 1500. Any equivalent charts for GMs?
  14. My sales person was completely illiterate about technical issues or what packages/combos were available. I don't know if it is actual or feigned. You could sue them but I doubt it will go very far; it could wind up in small-claims court. I came in with a set of specifications, but the sales person didn't know the combo spec I wanted wasn't built by GM at all. My regular sales guy had left on his own and works for a different dealer in a town nearby. The one I I wound up with wasn't even the one with whom I had an appointment. The person never once even presented the available options to come up with the best possible solution. I talked with the Sales Manager and he knew what was available and corrected me on many misconceptions (the sales person's job). I filed a formal complaint against my sales person and recommended remedial training. Some dealers have a sell at any cost or lose your job attitude. Fortunately, what I did get turns out to fit the bill perfectly. The only problem is that I left feeling hustled and disrespected. Needless to say, after buying four good vehicles and having three great experiences with the dealer, the fourth one left a really sour taste in my mouth, so I won't be back. Most unfortunate since I know a lot of the people in there personally and I really like the place. Forget the junk yard as I doubt you will find wrecked out trucks that will have the correct harnesses you need.
  15. If you specified an IBC and they delivered it without one, either you shouldn't have taken delivery or they should install one. If there is no IBC, is it configured for towing? Normally, the IBC is part of the Z82 tow package.

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