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  1. stock blocks...thanks btw! has a little rake...(I will report back with amount) need to clean er up....
  2. I was quoted $350 from 4wheel parts for just the front, found a small local shop to do all 4 for 200 bucks in all fairness 4whl parts is having a presidents day sale for 15% off and free install. will get a picture from the side loaded up...
  3. Did the 5100 bilsteins with the Goodyear Duratrac 275/60/20's
  4. Yesterday, had the 5100's installed on all fours and today a new set Goodyear DuraTrac 275/60/20's. (believe it or not I limped the SRA's to 59.6k miles...yes I was into the wear bar quite a bit.. ) Plenty of clearance IMHO even given that it has all the factory installed mudguards (which may eventually disappear as I sure like the looks of the truck without them.....stupid cheap paint) I certainly noticed the truck firm up, but with 60k on the old shocks no surprise. I must admit I miss a little of the softness of the worn out shocks but the roll is gone and the steering wheel and front end feel so much more nimble. I know the tires are new but are a lot more quite than I expected given the treat pattern. (I know they will get louder, but a heavy rotation will help) Overall happy for the cost. Alignment tomorrow. This purchase hopefully will keep the evil 4" BDS kit at bay..... (for a month or two....lol) Now on to the P&P AMP power boards and air bags for aiding in pulling the travel trailer...
  5. Raptor killer! btw the specs on your M5 sound deadly fast.
  6. Alex, what size BF's (T/A's KO2's?) are you running with that set up. thanks
  7. BA, Have a 14 silverado HC crew cab with Bose. Interested in the kicker setup. Can I get price to 80923. Thanks.
  8. Got a new to me '14 High Country. Thinking I'm going to go with the 4" BDS and the rear leaf springs Probably pass on the coil-overs due to the cost. Anybody willing to provide an invoice showing less than MSRP? (on 4" or 6" BDS), I dropped by my local authorized dealer and they quoted me the same price as what's on the website, obviously I'm looking to save a few bucks...greatly appreciated. Btw looking to use the local dealer here in Colo. Springs (Predator 4x4), however if someone has had success with a shop in Denver please fire that out there might be worth the drive.

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