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  1. What did you do with your truck/shop today

    its the "unread content" button, top right, next to the Facebook icon.
  2. Between 2 and 4 months they would start flickering. That was on a 2003 Duramax so I don't know if anything has improved with the new electronics on these new trucks or not. But when I got ready to put my LED reverse lights in this 2017 2500 I went with a different company. they have been in here for about a month now, they were a little bit more expensive than the jdms were, so we will see how these do. The Chinese folks over at JDM I would actually talk to on the phone, and of course you know how that goes, they could barely speak English but they kept sending me new ones and within 2 to 4 months they would start flickering again so I finally just gave up.
  3. Good luck with the JDM. My last truck I went through 5 sets and finally gave up on them.
  4. What do you carry for your CCW?

    G19, G4. No desire to carry anything else.
  5. I was told by the company that the CANbus was needed to allow the lights to work with the lower voltage the truck puts out for the lowbeam DRL's. CANbus not needed on highbeam or foglight led replacements.
  6. LoL!! ok, guess thats what i get for skimming thru the posts and not reading thoroughly.
  7. So i'm looking to do the led conversion. appears the http://www.xenondepot.com/H11-Xtreme-LED-kit-pro-p/xt-led-H11-pro.htm, according to THAT page, is the foglamp conversion. I see in my 2017, the low beam is the H11, the high beam is the HB3 U 9005. So which one do i need for the low beam, and which one for the high beam?
  8. 2016 2500 hd pulsates when accelerating

    i'm with you. my 17 has done this since the day i brought it home back in July. Its just enough to be annoying. I'm noticing it more when accelerating from a complete stop as well.
  9. I like my 6.0, BUT as i said in my original post, i had a 6.0 back in 2002, long before the items you guys talked about were introduced, and even in 2002, the fuel economy sucked. LoL. Its actually getting a tad bit better now with 3500 miles on the clock. My to and from work using back roads (45-55mph speed limits), and i'm up to right at 13.5-14 mpg. Headed to lake hartwell this coming Saturday for a fishing tournament so i'll get to see if my hwy mileage has improved any.
  10. Golf Carts

    I wont have pic till towards the end of October when we load up and head to Tampa. Before i put a crossbed tool box in the truck, i pulled the cart all the way to the front of the bed. I pulled the tailgate up about half way and strapped it so it wouldnt be so close to my tongue jack on the TT. The WD hitch i use for towing the TT with, is kinda long, so i guess that helps with putting the tongue jack back far enough that it wont hit. I now have a crossbed tool box in the bed of the truck, but still put the cart in the bed. I leave the tailgate down and purchased a Blue Ox hitch extender https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B009APJ1CY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. The extender is made of solid steel (dont drop in on your toe or it'll break your toe!) But it works perfectly. I put the extender in the receiver of the truck, then put the WD hitch in the extender. I just had to make my safety chains a bit longer to reach the receiver of the truck. As i said, it works perfectly. Ive hauled the cart using the Blue Ox from Atlanta to Pigeon Forge 4 times, Atlanta to Hayesville twice, Atlanta to N. Ga Mtns countless times with zero issues. All of the above was with my 2500 Duramax until the last trip to Pigeon Forge. While up there, I found the current 2500 Z71 gasser in Knoxville at a dealer, traded in the Dmax, and used the new truck to haul the cart and TT back home. The new 2500 handled it just as well as the Dmax did (hell, actually felt like it pulled a bit better than the dmax did). When we load up and head for Tampa next month, i'll take a few pics of it loaded up, and if you'd still like to see it, i'll post them up.

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