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  1. Privately owned as opposed to? Does GM own any dealerships? Not trying to argue just looking for knowledge here since I've never heard of such a thing.
  2. Agree, it's an old witche's tale that will be around forever. While I don't have a BMW car, I do have their S1000RR sport bike and the same is said in the bike world. Good luck with the service bills lol. Ya my service bills (once a year oil changes) are not different than my Kawasaki ZX10. Anyways, just saying I agree with you.
  3. How did the trade work out in your favor (financially)? I doubt a trade allowance would be higher than GM's buyback. Either way, as long as you're happy. Hope it's at least a LTZ because if it's an LT well......lol
  4. Does anyone know the fog light bulb number for the 2017+ Sierra? I like yellow fog lights and would like to find a LED yellow bulb to replace the white one.
  5. Pretty sad. I wish I had joined this forum before I made my purchase, but as an owner of a 2017 Sierra SLT for 3 1/2 months and 10, 827 miles I have the same issue and had the software update done last week. It drove fine for 2 days but now back to the same "Clunk" as I check my rear view to see if I was rear-ended. Damn shame for my first domestic product. I guess you live and you learn.
  6. That's exactly what I'm experiencing. So the issue is the cross member? Cracked, weak? Either way i will check the TSB and revisit my dealership. Thanks a lot.
  7. Does anyone with a 17 Sierra hear a loud bang if they are close to full lock (turn) and try to drive forward or reverse? This is easily replicated if you are either backing out of, or pulling into a parking spot that requires you to turn the steering wheel to almost full lock. Dealership said its normal, but I am not buying that. The sound is similar to a failing CV joint, but instead of a click, click, it's a loud TONK which can be felt in the pedal.
  8. So, I purchased my truck 17 SLT CC 5.3 (8-spd) 12 July and have since put 10,3xx miles on it. On my first day of purchase I experienced the transmission clunk and didn’t think much of it. However, during my 55.5 miles daily commute to work, of which about 43 miles of that is interstate (i24) and daily stop and go, I start to notice this issue even more. Sometime I actually have to look in my rear view mirror to see if someone bumped me due to jolt from the shift/clunk during crawl speeds. Well on my second oil change last Saturday, I addressed the issue, however the “transmission guy” apparently don’t work weekends, no problem. Monday, I made an appointment for during the week and had an appointment last Friday. While making the appointment, I made sure to let my service writer know that I’m aware there’s no permanent fix for this but some folks had luck with the software update. Well I’m happy to report that though not completely cured, it’s 95% better shifting that it previously did. Ticket stated; Updated TCM per 16-na-404. So any of you that have this issue, don’t expect a complete cure but there is a chance the update may do your transmission some justice.
  9. I experience the same issue on my daily commute, but I attribute it to an antenna / tower on the interstate. My XM goes out daily within a certain distance from approaching, and after I pass it. Keep in mind this is on the interstate with no obstacles blocking the antenna. FCC rules, these radios are supposed to allow interruption by certain frequencies. Trying to remember if I had the same issue in my WRX considering I've only had this truck since July
  10. The Chevy equivalent is the High Country
  11. So apparently I was driving around in "Auto" instead of 2WD. I don't know if I've been doing this since new July, or if the knob was accidentally turned during my interior cleaning. Is there any harm in this?

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