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  1. Thanks.. is there a way to just add wires from the mirror plug in the door harness to where it connects in the door jamb ? Instead of buying a whole new harness?
  2. Ok, I have a early 15 HD that had small non tow mirrors. I stole the mirrors and door harnesses from a 16 truck we have at work. I jumped the running lights wire, an everything worked fine. Well, we hired a new guy... and he noticed that the 16 didn't have the mirrors it should, with the options the truck is equipped with. So I swapped him the original door harnesses back. He bought his own mirrors. I kept the GM mirrors, but have the early build HD door harness. I watched many YouTube videos.. guy named Phil on there seemed to make harnesses that could make this work for me..? He says he's on here.. Any help?

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