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  1. How to wire up Leer 100XQ on 2015 Silverado

    Here is the third brake light working FINALLY!!!! This was not an easy job to figure out with no help. Hopefully if someone gets stuck they can use what I did to help them get it installed. I wired a hot wire from under the dash to power the interior light of the topper, grounded the ground wire in the left taillight, then ran the wires for the auto lock mechanism. Everything works and I am pleased with being able to do it myself.
  2. How to wire up Leer 100XQ on 2015 Silverado

    This is the wire harness plugged in on the inside of the topper. You can see the blue and green wire that runs from the inside of the cab (connected to the lock and unlock wires). You can search the Pop and Lock directions and find very good directions for hooking this up. Make not that the wires to hook up under the door sill are a tan/yellow thicker wire and gray/green. Both of these wires are slightly thicker than the rest. These directions are pretty much the same for hooking up the wiring for the auto lock on the LEER topper. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/156468-2014-power-tailgate-lock-installed/
  3. How to wire up Leer 100XQ on 2015 Silverado

    This was the factory wire harness from LEER that is inside the topper. The directions they gave were not very good. I had to experiment with the pin connectors and had to order new crimp pins because I had the wires crossed up. Green wire from the power lock went between the red and red/white wires and the blue wire went right next to the green. (don't confuse my blue wire I used for my CHMSL line from the fuse box with this blue wire from the auto lock wires).
  4. How to wire up Leer 100XQ on 2015 Silverado

    The wire that I ran from the fuse block connects to the red and white wire from the LEER wire harness. I used a connector here but took the picture during my testing so the wire is just twisted together.
  5. How to wire up Leer 100XQ on 2015 Silverado

    With the wire box cover removed I was able to get the blue wire to run just left of the box (marked with yellow arrows). I then ran this under the carpet and out through the emergency brake grommet in the floor. Then I ran the wire back to the back of the truck and up through the left brake light.
  6. How to wire up Leer 100XQ on 2015 Silverado

    I connected the wire to the add a fuse and ran it through the firewall at the main wiring harness grommet. I cut a small slit in the nipple that sticks out of the front of the grommet and pushed a thin rod through the firewall with the wire taped to it with electrical tape. This took some trial and error but I finally got it through.
  7. How to wire up Leer 100XQ on 2015 Silverado

    Here is the 10Amp add a fuse line put into Fuse #38 location. I tested the line with a light tester and stepping on the brake to make sure the wire went hot when the brake was depressed and it worked!
  8. How to wire up Leer 100XQ on 2015 Silverado

    Under the fuse panel under the hood on the right side of the engine compartment there is a schematic of what fuses are where. If you look at Fuse #38 it is the CHMSL wire. If you purchase a micro 2 add a fuse line you can tap into this fuse and just run the line to the back of the truck. This was the easiest way I could figure out how to run this wire since nobody can show me a picture of where the X63A Junction Block is on my 2015 Silverado. Although what Corncob posted are the best I have seen to date.
  9. How to wire up Leer 100XQ on 2015 Silverado

    Can someone at least post a pic of where the CHSML wire is at the rear of the truck? I took the spare tire down and can't seem to find it.
  10. Ok, I am a new member and need some help. I have a 2015 Silverado LTZ Crew Midnight Edition and I just bought a Leer 100XQ. I was surprised to find out that the dealer for Leer did not hook up the electrical stuff which includes the lights, third brake light, and auto lock. I have looked at the instructions they provided and they are not very good. Does anyone have any detailed instructions or a link to a video of how to install this stuff? I hate to pay another few hundred bucks to get it installed when the dang topper was $2500 by itself. So basically I am looking for where on my 2015 Silverado to hook up the wires for the light, the hook up for the wires for the third brake light, and where to hook up the auto lock which is supposed to unlock when you unlock the door of the truck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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