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  1. Sounds just like my 15'........minus the black bow tie, remote tailgate lock and wireless charging. Edit: I don't have color matching bumper.
  2. I replace mine every year before winter regardless. Michigan winters are brutal on them!
  3. Sad world when we have to put crap like this in! Their was a radio commercial playing this summer around here reminding people to check their back seat before walking away. Really? God, some dumb people are breeding!
  4. I have not..........I'll purposely have to purposely make a trip on the highway. Work trip is all stop and go country/city.
  5. http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/153020-exhaust-adaptive-valve/ http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/158614-free-exhaust-mod/ Plus I may be a little premature on the mileage thing. Don't have enough miles in yet, so ignore my increase comment. It does seem to be in V4 mode more easily now.......maybe a placebo effect, but it just seems more common to see it.
  6. Sunday, wired open the Exhaust Adapter Valve...........I would say marginal sound difference to my ear. I did notice it seems to jump to V4 quicker now and my mileage has gone up slightly.........with my city/country driving. I don't think I changed my driving habits........if anything I have been getting on it more to check the sound so it should of gone down. It's rare for me to do highway driving, so I haven't tried that yet.
  7. Clamped the valve open, but didn't notice any real difference. But I also haven't been on the highway either.
  8. My 2015 does this, with only 13k on it, only had it for 2k. Just noticed it today. It's annoying! If you are going down a road say on a city street where you are just using slight pedal inputs to maintain 25 or 40mph and then maybe don't catch your speed right away and it drops below that, all of a sudden it downshifts and jumps about 200 rpm. Did it for me several times on the way home tonight, right around 27-28 and 37-38. It's not a big jolting downshift but it's noticeable. Seems silly to me. Wonder if their is an update for my 2015? Can't I just coast for Christ's sake?
  9. You know why divorce is so expensive? Cause it's worth it!
  10. Doesn't the Sprint Booster and Pedal Commander hose warranties?
  11. Sorry, yep I got it. Although it came loose on me one already.
  12. 500' driveway here as well. My Chamberlin will open my garage door coming down the street. No big deal for me to have it on the visor. Can do it with my phone, but that's more hassle. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. That's just down right sad! Not sure the build date on mine, gotta look. But I noticed a few on like weld areas of the frame, and it's a 2015.
  14. I will say this is more efficient to cool down the vehicle compared to the 99.
  15. She is down as far as it can go...........something they need to work on by 2033. 2033 being the next time I upgrade, if I follow my previous truck longevity. Granted, it's still better than having the windows open when it's hot an humid.

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