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  1. Just put Falken Wildpeak A/T3W 275/60 R20 on my Black ops DC 4x4. No lift 100% stock with no rubbing and great ride. Now it looks like a 4x4 with the street tires removed!
  2. This weekend I removed the light bar from my ops. Son isn't happy with this as I like a nice clean look.
  3. Anyone have info on a FL dealer having a blowout sale as looking for good place to start.
  4. Looking for 17 or 18 1500 4x2 CC. What dealer has the best price and no dealer fee's? THX
  5. Found this truck with Nitto 295 60 R20. I like this simple nice clean look.
  6. Pearl, Thanks for info. Should say I have a 1 ton for towing/hauling needs. The 1500 is a driver and looking for a little sporty look. BTW Michelin rib is the best trailer tire made. https://tiresize.com/comparison/
  7. I'm looking at putting 295 60 R20 on a 2017 Black S ops DC 4x4. Was going to lift front but the more I read might keep it stock as I do a lot of hwy driving. 1. Will they fit on stock wheel without lift? 2. Will this kill ride & MPG's Stock size on this truck is 275 55 R20. Upgrade would be 1in wilder and go from 6in sidewall to 7in. Like the look of Nitto G2 but may go with the Toyo! Lets see oversized tires pics on stock wheels.
  8. Power back on tonight after eleven without! Are we having fun yet? BTW nice job with your lights!
  9. Had a look that led's for you and looked up part number and this is what I found. https://www.rigidindustries.com/products/sae 7x3 and look well built. Dealer ran wires under cab to engine bay zip tied to frame. He should of fished though tubes but didn't. Wires are hid between bars. I'll post better pics later. Thinking about air dam fix might take to dealer for replacement.
  10. Chevy LT 1500 CCSB on the way out as it's off to detail and going up for sale next week. Been a great truck with no problems! Looks list I should go with strut upgrade and 275 65 20 tire from what I can see on these forums. Where would I fine build #'s on this truck? Like to see more Special Ops pics.
  11. I was looking at that pic too. The lower air dam is plastic and a little warped. Ez fix with a piece of aluminum. On a side note... topped off truck 17.5 city mpg's hand calculated. I don't think that's bad for new 4x4.

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