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  1. If you have projectors your socket protrudes back further than if you have reflectors which means less room to fit the dust cap back on.
  2. Thank you for the link. They are pricey though. I think I will go HID for that money. Plus I was hoping for fanless.
  3. I have some high performance hallogens in there. They do work nicely, I'd just like a nicer color and maybe a bit more brightness. Down the road I might do an HID kit for the lows cause it's just a drill thru the back of the cap and they supply a grommet that keeps it sealed. Then I might see if I can get some LEDs to fit the high beams. But I'm with you, not messing with it for a while.
  4. It's tough on the 14-15 Chevy's. The dust caps suck, and not just because I can't get LEDs to fit haha. They are a pain in the ass to put back on, and the way they are tucked halfway behind those vertical support beams on each side makes changing even a hallogen bulb a pain in the ass. Really poor design.
  5. I have a 15 Silvy LTZ with the 5.3. I've noticed every winter since I've had it that the truck hates the cold. That and the winter fuel make the mileage suffer. Once it warms up I'm back to 16 city 22 hwy.
  6. To revive a semi-old topic. I have found the 14-15 Silverados with projectors, the socket for the bulbs is a smidge further back than the sockets in the reflector housings. In other words, if you have projectors, you have less clearance from the socket to where you would hit the inside of the dust cover when it is in place. It is hard to find LED bulbs that will fit with the cover when you have projectors. Those with Sierras and Colorados, your dust covers are different as well and you don't have this annoying vertical metal support beam that is inches from your headlight housing that makes it a PITA to get the cover back on even with the halogens! I am guessing those people with LTZ projectors went with LEDs with the flexible ribbon heat sinks? Anyone with other types of heat sinks that fit? I'm looking for fan-less.
  7. Haha who who knows. I know the directions call for applying super lube to the holes and screws but who knows the long term effectiveness of that. Was there any rust, Ed? Also how'd you get the sticky part off the side of the fender? A little heat?
  8. I have a Silverado and have the molded splash guards. My right side front guard cracked when I ran over something on the road at night. It needs to be replaced. I know I'll have to buy the pair. My question is about removal and reinstalling the new one. I'm not worried about the screws in the front wheel well because they just screw into the rivnuts, but what about the self tapping screw that goes into the underside of the fender? Will I be able to get that guy to bite when I go to reinstall it? Anyone replace mud guards and have any issues reinstalling the self tapping screws? Thanks !!
  9. Anyone have experience with this style LED? They look nice and wondering if anyone used them and got the covers to fit?
  10. Thanks! Did you like to putco nite lux? And did you use them for highs as well?
  11. Hi guys, I know theres a lot of threads on LEDs and which ones are good and what not. I have a 15 silverado LTZ, so I have projectors. I know HID would give the best results here but I want to try some LEDs first before dropping the coin and the work putting in an HID kit. All I want to know, from those of you who have put LED bulbs in 14 or 15 Silverado, is what kind do you have that you had no issues putting the dust cover back on? Thanks in advance!
  12. Which LEDs do you have? Having trouble finding ones that the dust covers fit over. Thanks!

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