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  1. The body panels of these trucks are galvanized, so they should be much more corrosion resistant. But who knows what will happen if its exposed to tons of salt.
  2. Yes maybe you couldve gone new for not much more, but its all what youre comfortable spending. These trucks hold their value really well, so it sounds like you got a good deal on it in the used truck realm. Dont compare it to those who bought new. There is no 20% off and a million rebates when buying used. Some say that is why they always buy new. But if youre asking if you got a good deal on a used truck, remember to compare apples to apples, not oranges. And if you like your truck and finanically you are affording it, who cares what other people did. 😁 It sounds like a really nice truck! Post up some pics!
  3. Crew cab? Double? Doesnt seem a bad deal to me regardless. That truck probably had a mid to high 40s sticker so it sounds like you did good 😁
  4. Anyone, esp in Texas, have any issues with them failing your inspection due to the HID kit? I have projectors so its not like im putting them in reflector housings, but I dont want to vet jammed up. Also, any advice on high beams and fogs? LED the way to go?
  5. Thanks for the info. mr4wdLTZ, looks like this uses the factory halogen projectors. I feel like I can do this install after looking at the instructions. Any problems with too much heat for the housing or projector? Did you have any issues with the length of the bulb fitting with the dust cap on? I understand a hole needs drilled for the wiring, but some guy on the website reviews complained the bulb was too long because the plug isnt at a 90 degree angle snd he had to drill a second hole. Any issues for you with that? Also, have you upgraded your high beams and fogs at all? If so, what did you go with? Correct me if I'm wrong anyone, if you only use your highs for short periods/LED is the way to go correct, since no warm up time? Thanks again!
  6. Hi guys. Read thru the hid fourm best i could (crazy long). Looking for some advice. I have a 15 Silverado LTZ with the stock halogen projector low beams. I have an upgraded bulb in the lows, its a NAPA LongLite but it still sucks. I was thinking of upgrading the bulb to Sylvania Silverstar Ultras or zXe. I am decently handy and can definitely change out headlight bulbs. Anyone running either of those with the stock projectors? Then, I got to thinking about doing HID or LED. I could definitely install a plug and play kit of either, but probably wouldnt be comfortable doing a whole retrofit, projectors and all. My questions are: Is it even worth putting HIDs in with the stock projectors or should I get a retofit done? Secondly, if I went the LED route, could i keep the stock projectors? There wasnt a ton of info regarding an LED upgrade with the stock projectors, at least from what I could find. Anyone running LEDs in the stock projectors? What do you think of the results? Any issues with your DRLs? I guess in summary, are there any good options while keeping the stock 2014-15 projectors? I know HID is brighter than LED, but either would beat the turd hallogens. Just looking to keep the projectors I have. If it is 100% not an option, i will get them retrofitted. Thanks in advance!
  7. Anyone have the husky gearbox under seat storage bin installed with the OEM gmc floor liners? My dad just got a new sierra that came with the gm floor liners, and i noticed that there is a rubber hump to form a border around where the storage box would go. Will the husky box fit nicely within this raised edge/border or is the shape too different and i need to buy him the gm oem box? I love my husky box but i have the husky liners as well, so no raised border for it to fit inside of. Thanks in advance.
  8. LTZ has all auto down but only driver auto up.
  9. Whats kbb say on your truck? I check mine every so often. I have a 2015 LTZ Z71 1500 crew cab short bed with 24000 on it and kbb says 36 for my trade. So theres a reference. Not sure what condition yours is in, but its a year older than mine with double the miles so maybe 31k isnt so bad.
  10. It means more on the 16-18 trucks than it has in recent years past because you get the color matched body parts. But yes, its not a trim level, i agree.
  11. Can add nav, but its expensive. Backup camera comes in a kit. Cant add oem sensors.
  12. Sounds great thanks for the replies guys!!!
  13. Hi guys, New guy here, just relocated to Houston. Had a quick question about inside-rail mount roll up tonneau covers like the Lo Pro QT or Genesis Elite. I have one on my truck, but I am going to be using my truck to haul some mulch and top soil, which will be dumped in the bed with a bobcat. The tonneau rails intrude a few inches inside the bed rails. I have the 5.8 bed. Has anyone had any issues with the tonneau rails being too much in the way for them to load the dirt in the truck. Obviously I don't mind them getting dirty, I'd just like to know if too much will get on them and spill outside the truck and not go IN the bed haha. I think I might take the actual tonneau cover off, but would like to leave the rails if possible as they are a PITA to take off and on too much. Anyway, thanks and great site.

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