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  1. So way back in 2015 when I bought this truck GM offered a BORLA exhaust option (installed at the local dealership), it truly is the BORLA system as the tips and muffler show the Borla name on them. The only difference is the fact the first exhaust tube is nicer on the GM installed one since it has the flow diverter when you are in V4 mode. Basically it should sound better than the straight pipe is my understanding. Other than that it is a great way to save money and get a great sounding exhaust! Let me know if you are interested and we can close this deal !!
  2. BUMP !!! Lets finalize a deal !!!
  3. Yes, PayPal would be the preferred payment method. Safe for both of us!
  4. Agreed, this was put on at the GM dealership before I took possession, so it would be the GM installed Borla exhaust. The key difference is the first pipe has the flex joint. But the main point is the SOUND and it is all BORLA !! Sounds great and thanks for clarifying if that mattered to someone.
  5. Yes, I can meet you in Valdosta. Just let me know what day / time might work for you.
  6. This is the exact setup if you ordered from Borla!! Not sure what you mean about the specific tubing, if you look all the pieces are there and are specific for the 2014-2017 Trucks. If you look at the photo of all the tubes, you can see including the muffler you have 5 pieces just like getting this from Borla brand new! (also you will get the clamps and bracket exact same as the Borla number listed) Let me know if that answered your questions, this is an amazing deal..... Can't believe someone has not snagged it yet.
  7. The exhaust is located in Thomasville, GA. I can ship to anywhere, but for pickup that is the location. This is a great deal for a like new exhaust hurry it won't last long.
  8. All - I have for sale the Borla Cat Back Exhaust in Touring Edition: PN 140535 on the Borla website. I had this installed new from the factory, the Touring is a fantastic, rumble... I would call it just the right amount of deep sound. You won't believe how nice it sounds over factory exhaust until you try it. It is in great shape (almost like new) as you can see from the Pics, I polished the tips and the muffler to show you just how clean it really is. The rest of the tubes were left as is, since you will be installing it and getting it dirty anyway. I live in South GA for Pickup, 30 min north of Tallahassee. Price is $800 if I ship it, or $700 local pickup. Let me know if you have any questions ! Link to Hear the sound: https://www.borla.com/products/silverado_sierra_1500_catback_exhaust_touring_part__140535.html
  9. Bikemobile - that is funny about speedo and turn signals
  10. Love the look of the Sierra's vs the Silverados. I had a 2011 Sliverado and now have the 2015 Sierra
  11. That is crazy, it is just a little off, 1-1.5 mm is my guess
  12. I like the black truck with the 18 offset, looks sharp

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