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  1. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU DARN SILLY SILVER BILLY GOAT. I did not take advantage of that dmax I instead traded my 16 in for a 18 crew cab z71. Hehehehehe so much sand on it but no salt yet, I taste my paint daily. The ocean is fresh water. The Atlantic anyway
  2. That just may be the absolute dumbest thing not only have I read on this site but in real life as well. I live in Florida 1 block from the ocean and I have never had any corrosion or rust or problems. Sure sand gets all over my truck but I see the ocean from my house. You avoid cars from Miami and Orlando because of the people that owned those cars. Chances are they’re beat and drove around a lot of time on E. Florida for life
  3. From my experience knowing nothing about headers and recently gone through them on a different vehicle.... 04 Titan my pos mud truck basically. Needed headers. Like 250 for China cheap or 500 for jba. Made forum at Titan lala said well it’s a huge job to replace them if welds break or doesn’t fit right etc only do the job once as it is a job to do. Opt for quality.
  4. BUT WAIT THERES MORE A 2012 GMC 2500 SLE Allison 6.6 Non lifted all stock with 138k miles 1 owner 18 service records 31k
  5. 9% arp I did not sign and think it’s time for some mods. Thanks for your help everyone, probably would of done it
  6. Maybe just maybe I take my 6500-7k n I play with the rado get some wheels and tires little lift tune it exhaust leather and put some towards the principle. At dealer now we shall see
  7. Yes of course pics. The pressure washer weighs maybe 40lb the generator maybe 250 I don’t think it’s a weight issue I think it’s the shitty shocks they put in the non z71 trucks. Like corolla shocks.
  8. I just get tired of vehicles quickly I don’t think it’s the end of the world lol. Im going for it. Close this shit out now goodbye
  9. My passenger bottom leaf springs seems to be a little towards the outside of the truck and the driver side is perfectly aligned lol. I’ve had drives where the 8” is black or frozen and had to use the steering wheel to control it. Dealer can’t replicate or solve it I just think maybe it’s this truck
  10. As far as the vehicle situation all my priors were in my dads name and he passed away a few years back. Ive always heard the most amount of weight over the axle so that’s how I have it? If I was to put the tank up front it would be crazy heavy...3500lb the tank weighs maybe 50lb the water like let’s say 1000 generator 400 pressure washer 100 were under 2000 still
  11. Topic has gotten off hand 🤚 anyway my 10 day payoff is 31 whatever. Kbb trade in my truck says lower than 25,500 so I think im getting a better end of that, my tailgate has a trailer dent from where trailer came off and hit truck lol. And my front black lower plastic strips unded the bumper I took off the lowest one and the other part got torn from the bumper bc tree roots when camping. All in all im getting a good value for my trade 2k more than kbb offered. I’m going down to dealer today with 6500 cash and my truck. We’ll see what happens, In no way will I jump but let’s play with numbers shall we
  12. What’s the point of even commenting? You have no clue my situation or anything about me so go along and keep assuming. Thanks for the input Marcus.
  13. Have a few small businesses here and looking to venture into everything lol

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