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  1. Hi guys, the truck is currently perfectly level, 39.5" to wheel well at both front and back. Would like to do something in the rear to give it a little rake. What are my options? Would prefer to just be able to put in a larger spacer block without having to change out the shocks. Is that possible? thanks
  2. what are you guys paying for the Xpel wrap? There is only one authorized installer in my area so I would like a ballpark idea before I go and talk to him. PM me if you would like. thanks
  3. so it sounds like the truck only has a slight (1/4" to 1/2") leveling lift in the front?
  4. Here is a picture of the top of the shock and an overall picture of the truck, the driveway is slightly slanted so the truck is as well if it isn't obvious. Whatever leveling kit is has makes it look good so that helped when I bought it but didn't play a huge role.
  5. Just bought a used 2016 with some type of leveling kit. Not sure what I have and whether it is just the front or rear suspension. Can someone help identify what I have. Truck has stock rims with 305 BFG A/T tires. ​ ​thanks for the help!

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