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  1. Heres the comparison video. Really should of turned the auto exposure off on the dashcam.
  2. I'm a huge light nerd, only had the truck barely a month but I've already added 2 12" double row LED bars to the factory Sport bar and just finished the install of the rough contry led bull bar. I was originally going to go with the Lund Bull bar as I do think it looks slightly better but the RC bar is suppose to be twice as bright (lund [email protected] lumens, RC [email protected] lumens) and the fact it was cheaper apealed to my inner cheapskate. I still want to add some 2" cube A pillar lights than mounts to the hood hinges. Short dash cam footage of me briefly playing around with the lights
  3. Aftermarket install of a factory switch(s) count? Its the GM upfitter switches but they have to be wired to relays as they arent rated for very much current and its next to impossible to get them to work in a factory manor unless the truck originally came with the super rare option.
  4. Its bright enough, very floody but isn't nearly as bright as the 2x 12" double rows on the roof. I was originally planning on getting the lund led bar but decided to get the rough country as it claims to be a lot brighter and was less cost. The lund claims 54w @ 3k lumens the RC is 90w @ 7k lumens. First thing I did when I got it was measure the power as mfr like to inflate their claims but it did actually pull 92W. I did not use the relay harness the bar shipped with and opted to make my own. When it gets dark ill go get some comparison video of the lights.
  5. The bull bar finally showed up from Rough Country it was ordered the exact same time as my 12" light bars that I installed ages ago.
  6. I can't say for sure what will work as my truck came with factory HID but I used a relay harness from VVME.com on my mustang and on my GF hyundai and they have been working flawlessly for 4years now. That being said GM's use a much lower PWM frequency so what worked on those vehicles wont necessarily work on yours. Although before ordering this harness I tried a 12v relay that I had laying around from a multipack that I bought from a local autoparts store and got chattering with it on both vehicles. They are only like 10$ so not much lost if it doesn't work out for you.
  7. Even if they send you a new relay its more than likely going to behave the same if its the same specs. Its not that anything is defective it just the fact your are using a 12v relay and its being fed with a PWM signal for the DRL which is a PWM(square) waveform with an effective voltage of around 8-9v this is compounded by the fact GM uses a low frequency PWM signal. What you hear is called chattering and relays do it when they are not provided with enough voltage to properly seat in the relay. PWM works great for extending the life of an incandescent bulb but has the opposite effect for an electromagnetic relay. Capacitors can help smooth the waveform and may help in some situations, but a better solution is to get a relay with a wider operating range or you could always just turn your headlights on every time you get in the truck and avoid using the DRLs.
  8. Looking at swapping out my bumper on my 2017 silverado and of course have some questions. Reason for wanting to swap out is be able to mount some DOT foglights. I've only looked at OEM bumpers but would consider aftermarket if its similar priced and some DOT fog lights can be mounted. I'm aware that getting the foglights installed to work like factory is quite the undertaking but I'm not concerned about that and really am just wondering how much compatibility there is between the different trims/years of bumpers. Seems the bumper off the midnight edition truck is what I'm looking for. Seems there is only a few basic bumper for the 17 siverados. WT Body colored w/o fogs Body colored w/ fogs Chrome w/ fogs I'm assuming the bumpers are modular(hopefully someone can clarify) as I've seen the above configurations with different color lower valences but just from pictures online its hard to tell exactly how many different variations there are. Silver & flat black for sure and possibly chrome and body colored? Are all the bumpers interchangeable? How many parts make up the bumper? Are they available from the factory painted? What parts are reusable from my current truck? Can the earlier 14+ bumpers be used? Are all the bumpers metal like the WT bumper or are they polyurethane? I'm assuming the tow hooks are all the same. Are all the 16+ foglights LED? Whats the part number? Do they come with the mounts or mount to the bumper directly? What bulb connector do they use? Heres some pictures of the different bumpers I've found to save people from googling... WT (WT, Special Ops, Blackout Edition) Body Colored W/fogs, Chrome lower valence??? (z71?) Body Colored w/o fogs, Blk lower valence (rally 1) Body Colored w/ fogs, Silver valence (rally 2) Body Colored w/ fogs Blk lower valence (midnight edition) Chrome w/ fogs
  9. I don't think this is correct at all, at least for the 15+ trucks. Even though I decided to just wire in my own relays instead of getting the factory setup to work I did look into it quite in depth and all the provisions are in the under-hood fuse box(X50A) Switch Fuses 5Amp (only 2 of the 4 spots should end up being populated depending if you want them to work with the truck off.) -22 Aux Switch1+2 battery power -26 Aux Switch1+2 switched power -27 Aux Switch 3+4 battery power -31 Aux switch 3+4 switched power Power Fuses 30A -23 relay for sw2 -30 relay for sw3 -32 relay for sw4 -37 relay for sw1 Relays -60,61,62,65 From my understanding the loads get hooked up to the Drivers side foot-well junction box(X61A) but require a new breakout harness to mate with the junction box. (P/N 19328970) Pins 1,4,14,20 are the upfitter "load" pins that are to be used.(corresponds to switch 4,3,2,1 respectively)
  10. Wasn't intentional, I do a lot of projects in my office and they usually end up just getting thrown on top of the printer to get a photo taken of(as its usually the only clear spot on the desk). It blends in to me, since I'm so use to seeing it everyday and forget how much it stands out until I post a picture or someone comes over and comments on it. Why does this not surprise me on a truck forum =p ? Its a liquid cooled PC in a tempered glass case(aka tower). I'm into electronics as much as I am automotives and chances are if it can be modified, I will. Heres a shot of the entire office. And just so this post isn't completely off topic here are some pictures of the 2 light bars I installed that connect to the above posted relays. They weren't installed today but they are probably what most people are interested in seeing photos of. Running the wiring from the engine bay, under the cab, through the box, and up the sports bar was way harder and took longer than I anticipated. I'm still waiting for the front LED bull bar to be shipped.(and they wonder why no one wants to support local businesses anymore...)
  11. Is there under-seat storage for double cabs? Any pics?
  12. Like posted above its the factory outfitter/upfitter switch. I got the idea from the above linked thread. GM# 23145158 was the part number for the switch I ordered which cost 74$Cad shipped. There are other switches you can order as well that have different configs if you have more options.(hill assist, adjustable pedals, ECT) but it gets a bit more complex with the more options you have. I ran my own 4wire cable from the engine bay into the cab and purchased some standard automotive relays off amazon but when I went to install my switch I found that there was already wiring in place for my truck but all the relays and fuses were missing under the hood so I just used my own cable and relays instead of trying to get all the stock parts and just removed and insulated the the factory wires for the switch. As for configuration I got a bit creative and have it wired up so Aux1- Controls my Bull Bar 20" Led Bar Aux2- Controls roof mounted LED bars (2x 12") Aux3- Makes it so all the LED bars come on when the high beams are switched on using the factory stalk(and they can still be overridden on when aux1+2 with the low beams) Aux4- I didnt realy have a plan for this so I made it power my dash cam since it doesn't have a parking mode and usually turns on/off with the truck, but this allows me to keep it recording while its parked.i also wired a battery monitor so it will shut off when the battery gets low enough but leaves me enough to start the truck.. Seems to last about 2days(with just the dash cam) before the protection kicks in which is about the point the memory card starts overwriting the older vid files so it worked out good. Edit. Added Schematic Diagram & pic of the relays wired up for anyone interested.

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